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Drop rate of tier 11 items.


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I received primal gauntlets solo yesterday. It just depends on the combat level of the boss. I got lucky and got the highest leveled Plane-Freezer and got primal as a drop.


Basically drops depend on the boss, not the team. But the team size usually determines the boss. 130+ Players probably will get primal solo a few times, ad anyone below that probably won't ever. I'm not totally sure though.

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yes. it's impossible to get t11 solo, as far as I know.


I've gotten Primal Skirt solo (even got a screenshot of it)

It's extremely rare to get one while on a solo, but in a 5 man team with all high level players, getting anything lower then tier 9 is actually rare.



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Never had any primal drops solo, did get 2 primal hatchets and 1 primal pickaxe on 5 man large floor and i only did 3 5 man large floors so far meanining i got 100% droprate from primal drop on 5 man teams and 0% on solo.


I'd say the chance on getting primal solo is probably one on 350

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