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Range Traning


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After Been Humiliated by nomad Again ive decided to raise range to a level where theirs no way he can not die.


My Current Range Level is 85


I was thinking Pc or Sw


Anyone know where i can camp it out


Money is ok But exp is higher priority


Any Advice is welcome thanks

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Off topic i know, but what problems are you having with Nomad? What is your summoning level?


Avansies are good money and decent XP as well and with bone to peaches tabs you can camp there almost indefinitley.



I Guess Im Not doing Enough Damage Or I run out of Sara brews




Thanks for advice

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At your stats, Nomad should be seeing stars... I'd say, check your setup and use a kyatt. Ruby bolts &full arma, black hide will do fine though. Neit/arma helm/fsh with ambush scrolls. Tort summoned (with supplies), when it runs out, kyatt. EE or bgs to spec, statius hammer if you want. When using bgs, log (so you can start over) if you hit below 300. Don't tank the 750's. HIDE, don't attack, when he splits. You'll have one minute to relax, heal/restore, take brews from tort, summon kyatt, take scrolls from helmet etc. (at the appropriate moments).

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