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92 Firemaking and Gettting an Adze.


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I think the first 2 you should light are the ones in the lvl 40 and lvl 52 wildy, to get the hardest ones out the way. Bring a War Tortoise and 40 magic logs so you can light both without banking (and the hammer and 2 iron bars for the lvl 40 one) Then you can bank and tele to Trollheim to do the two next to it and the GWD with 40 yew logs. You need a needle super restore, and 3 Jute fibres for the GWD one as well. The last 10 are straightforward, running from west to east, banking for logs every 2 beacons. You can use cheaper logs at this point. Bring super energies. 2 of them also require smithing/con supplies to repair I believe. I got my adze with several minutes to spare this way.

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put the logs in all the beacons before you start lighting them, if you use Yew or magic logs and start at the level 52 wilderness beacon for lighting, you should have no problems lighting them all.



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Be sure to fill all beacons first (with at least Maples) and then also repair all the ladders/wind breakers (GWD) etc. I used the run pools, too. If you want me to answer any questions, PM me :) Good luck!

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