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New Quest: From The Ground Up and Kingdom Management


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[hide=The Quest]

[hide=Quest Requirements]: Royal Trouble, Kingdom of Miscellenia, Tai Bwo Wanna Trio, The Grand Tree, The Giant Dwarf, Monks Friend, Wolf Whistle, and Druidic Ritual[/hide]


[hide=Skill Requirements]

60 Fishing

60 Woodcut

50 Mining

50 Farming

50 Herblore

50 Summoning

leverl 35 Prayer

High Combat Stats[/hide]


[hide='Quest Description] The Islands of Miscellenia dn Eccentria have been destroyed by a catastrophic earthquake/hurricane. Most of the inhabitants have fled the island, now in ruins. The ruling family has left the island and is now living in a small cottage in Karamja: retired enjoying the sunshine. It is your job now as the ruler of Miscellania to rebuild the island, and your castle. Repopulate its citizen and make it your own. Those who remained on the Island include advisor Grimm and two other citizens[/hide]


The Quest is divided into several parts, these parts can be completed in any order you wish, but the dock must be rebuilt first!



[hide=Part 1: The Dock]

With the dock destroyed you must rebuild a dock to learn how to make a dock consult the engineers at the tower of light, and theyll give you the blueprints to do so. Now with the blue prints in hand and the appropriate planks, nails and tool you may rebuild the dock. The easiest being a rickety dock (better docks available with higher construction). Once the dock is built ships will be able to take you back to the fremminik province.[/hide]


[hide='Part 2: The Trolls]

As you scower the island you discover there are packs of ice trolls camping on the island feasting on whats left of the farms and your subjects. You must kill three trolls (level 120) that attack with both melee and range from the three camps across the island. After you kill the trolls you must kill each partys troll bigun (leader) that attacks with melee and mage (that freezes you)[/hide]


[hide=Part 3: The Maple Forest]

With the Dock rebuilt you will now need to replant the forests in Miscellania. First you must acquire some maple seeds, gardening tools and compost. Once youve acquired these you may begin clearing the land of debris, treating the soil and planting your seeds. When a small section of the forest is re-grown your task is complete (for the moment) your workers may go back to harvesting maple logs at this point[/hide]


[hide=Part 4: The Tropical Trees]

With the dock rebuilt you will have to travel to karamja and speak to the royal family and the local indigenous people to acquire seeds to rebuild your mahogany and Teak trees. The process to growing the trees back is the same as part 2.[/hide]



[hide=Part 5: The farm patches, flax patches and herb patches)]

To rebuild the farming patches you must first clear the land of debris and ruin. After that you must seek the aid of the gnomes and master farmer to return nutrients to the soil and seeds for the allotments. Once that is done you must acquire flax seeds from the seers in seers village. Once the materials and knowledge have been acquire you may go about composting and re-sewing your fields. When your fields have been re-sewn your workers may resume work[/hide]


[hide=Part 6: Raiders]

Raiders on the southern part of the island have set up cape and are shouting at your citizens keeping them from working. By talking to the raider chief you learn that hell only leave if you can beat him at a thrown axe competition. To beat him you must encourage him to drink a tankard of fremminik ale and beat him in the contest[/hide]


[hide='Part 7: Corsairs]

Pirate corsairs on the northern part of the island are holding up camp, happily sailing around causing chaos. When you approach them they hold you at gunpoint and take you to their captain. The captain agrees to leave if you bring him the tusks of an Wallasalki Rex. The Wallasalki Rex lives in the in a cave that can be reached via a secret cave near the lighthouse. The Wallasalki Rex attacks with a magical attack, but will ram you in close combat sending you flying back several squares damaging you. The Wallasalki Rex will also heal itself if you let it enter the water where you can only hit it with range and magical attacks, while it heals. Wallalsalki Rex Tusks can be traded to the Corsair lord to leave the island and can be mixed with Dwarf Weed to produce a poison that temporarily freezes your opponent (for range weapons only)[/hide]



[hide=Part 8 The Mine]

Seek the aid of the dwarves to uncover the mine which is now covered in bedrock and sand. The dwarves will teach you how to uncover the mine using mining tools and construction materials. When a part of the mine is finally uncovered your workers may resume mining for you.[/hide]



[hide=Part 9 The Castle]

The Player may now rebuild their castle on the ruins of the previous castle (miscellania side) First thing the player must clear the land and salvage any material from the rubble. Once the rubble has been cleared the player must acquire blue prints from a real estate agent (for the appropriate price) and than may set about building their castle with the appropriate materials[/hide]


[hide=Part 10 Worker Housing]

When the storm hit the island many of the inhabitants fled the island, and now with no one to collect the resources now available on the island. You need to encourage people to come live on the island. The worker housing will be constructed on the ruins of the Eccentria Castle (in a similar fashion of construction to the castle) After the storm there were three inhabitants. Once again you must speak to the real estate agent for the blueprints and may begin construction when the materials are obtained.[/hide]


[hide=Part 11 The Bank]

The bank must be rebuilt for obvious reasons and the bank. To rebuild the bank you must construct the building in addition you must speak to dwarf engineers in Keldergain about construction safes. Once the safe and bank have been built you may use the bank.[/hide]


[hide=Part 12 Fruit Tree Patch]

The player must acquire numerous Fruit tree seeds and fruits from gnomish gardners. Then plant, treat and grow these trees however they wish and may collect daily (bananas, oranges, limes, pineapple etc) This patch is not gathered by workers, just for personal use[/hide]


[hide=Part 13 The Obelisk]

As the Island progresses several workers will suggest you build a summoning obelisk, speak to the druids in Taverly for information on how to collect the materials and construct a summoning obelisk on Miscellania.[/hide]


The Quest is complete when Parts 1-11 have been upgraded once (rickety dock, tiny forest patch, small mine, bank teller, shack castle etc). Parts 9 and 10 are optional improvements. The Island will take several improvements to make it as good or better prior to the storm. When the quest is complete people will now come to visit the island perhaps to stay or explore.[/hide]


[hide=Changes to Kingdom Management After Quest]


[hide=Travelling NPCs]

Travelling NPC's are people who travel across Runescape and have decided to stop in Miscellania to rest, wait or hide. while they are present they drain a small ammount from your resources for their day to day necessities, but in return they will also provide resources for the temporary period they choose to stay on the island (1-5 days)


Hunter Harry:

As the island starts to turn around a man named Hunter Bill will set up camp on the island, he will appear at random times and will ask for your permission to hunt for penguins, rabbits, gulls and ferrets (the local nature of Miscellenia) if you approve he will give you a small cut of whatever he catches. In turn you may give him farming equipment to improve his abilities to hunt.


Slayer Sophie:

Is another traveling NPC like Hunter Bill that stops by miscellania to camp as she hunts daggonth and ice trolls. If you let her stay on miscellinia she will give you a cut of her drops. You can also help by arming her with slayer gear, armour and weapons. She will return a random amount of regular, big or even dragon bones. She will also give you charms that she may find.


Dirty Dan:

Is another travelling NPC like Hunter Bill that hides in Miscellania to avoid the authorities if you allow him to seek temporary refuge in Miscellania he will reward you with some of his loot, but be careful if your bank is not secure, you may notice some of your coffers or resources disappear.


Brother Bernardo:

Is a traveling priest that asks if he can rest on Miscellania before his long journey back to Entrana. When he is present on Miscellania your workers are easier to please and your farming yields more since Brother Bernardo enjoys gardening.[/hide]


[hide=Docks Upgrades]

1. Rickety Dock: two fishing spots for the workers and a dockspace for the boat to the Fremminik province

2. Stable Dock: three fishing spots for you and the workers. Dockspace for the boat to the Fremminik province

3. Naval Platform: four fishing spots, for you and the workers. Dockspace to the freminik province and Neitzerot (with the quest started)

4. Freimminik Wharf: five fishing spots for workers, and personal fishing/flyfishing spot. Dockspace to Fremminik province, Neitzerot and Daggonth Island (must build a dock on Daggonth Island first)

5. Fremminik Harbour: six fishing spots for workers, two personal fishing/flyfishing spots. Dockspace to Freminik province, Neitzerot, Daggonth Island, and Charter Ship

*For 20 Pest Control points you may have a Pest Control raft positioned at your Naval Platform (or higher dock) to take you to the Void Knights[/hide]


[hide=Bank Upgrades]

1. Deposit box/chest

2. Bank Teller

3. Bank Teller + Exchange Offical

4. Bank Teller + Exchange Offical + Coffers access[/hide]


[hide=Castle Upgrades]

1. Wooden Shack (one floor) four rooms

2. Wooden Fort (one floor) six rooms

3. Luxary Estate (one floor + basement) nine rooms per floor

4. Stone Fort (two floors) nine rooms per floor

5. Stone Castle (two floors + basement) 12 rooms per floor

*The construction of gardens, fountains, party rooms and other luxaries improves the appearance and functions of the house.[/hide]


[hide=Worker Housing Upgrades]

1. mud huts

2. shacks

3. brick homes

*The construction of gardens, fountains and other luxaries improves the attitudes and appearances of your citizens and their homes[/hide]


[hide='Mine Upgrades]

1. two coal rocks

2. four coal rocks

3. six coal rocks

4. six coal rocks + clay rocks

5. six coal rocks + clay rocks + silver rocks

6. six coal rocks + clay rocks + silver rocks + underground cave containing a Rune Ore[/hide]


[hide=Farming/Herb Patch Upgrades]

1. wooden fences

2. scarecrows

3. iron fences

4. low brick walls

5. wells

6. convince a lepracaun to stay in Miscellania (for tool access)[/hide]


[hide=Obelisk Upgrades]

1. small obelisk

2. greater obelisk

3. mighty obelisk (+2 summoning points when rechaging, and plus 2 scrolls when converting pouches)[/hide][/hide]



[hide=Reasons for my suggestions]

-I hate the Castle because you need to walk through 5+ doors that are always closed :angry:

-I think it would be an awesome addition to the Construction Skill

-Its a fun extended project :smile:

-Alot of new benefits and improvements on the original

-This will really make Miscellenia YOUR kingdom

-Improve as you go gameplay (like animal crossing, if you've ever played that)[/hide]



only 2 skills below level 50 :)

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A good idea, but the quest itself is kinda lacking, in my opinion. Sorta: Do this, then this, pay for this, then that for yourself. There's no real story apart from the storm.




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ya what daxter said, its more of just skills then any fighting wich it could probablly use. it sounds great as a basic but i need to be better and longer

The once was a mexican called pepsi,

Or maybe it's just he had Hep C,

He was a pretty cool bro,

Bros generally are you know,

He hailed from the land of 'taters,

He was known to hate many-a-hater,

He likes a girl named Lacey,

His thoughts about her are kind of racy,

And also his dad likes to [rooster].

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yes much better, you should add that some of the snakes came out from that one trapdoor (i think) and you have to kill them

The once was a mexican called pepsi,

Or maybe it's just he had Hep C,

He was a pretty cool bro,

Bros generally are you know,

He hailed from the land of 'taters,

He was known to hate many-a-hater,

He likes a girl named Lacey,

His thoughts about her are kind of racy,

And also his dad likes to [rooster].

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