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Prayer Method:


Chaotic Rapier (But since you don't have 80 dung, zammy spear or whip)

Rune defender

Nezzy helm

Verac brassard and skirt

Dragon boots


Fire cape or SW cape


Tanking Method:

Replace verac with other barrows armour, bandos, or something else you like with high def

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I think whip+def+dds spec is going to be your best bet. Don't forget that the mole burrows underground quite often, so it's better to have faster weapons to hopefully get quick kills.

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The Terrorbird will give you the general direction. Cool, but that leads at LEAST 1/4 of the Dungeon still fair game. I recommend bringing the Orb of Oculus, as it will allow you to quickly scan a large area without using an run energy. This saves scroll, time, and is much more relaxing. Plus, who wants to run around in dark caves filled with newborn moles when you can just stay in one place and let a glass sphere do all the work? Just make sure you know how to operate it well.


Don't forget your COVERED light source, otherwise it will be extinguished every time it burrows.


Remember that once it burrows, you're done and have to find it all over again. For this reason, I'd recommend heavy-hitting weapons. Oftentimes, you will only get 1-2 hits on it before it tunnels, so you want to make every hit count. This being said, it also makes special attacks EXTREMELY useful. Try hard to get dclaws or AGS, if at all possible, from a friend. Don't borrow them, since it probably won't be worth it. DDS is fine, but dclaws and AGS are so much better since they do more damage in a single hit.

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