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  1. A 'Lennart with a twist #2' is the shizzle-whizzle of the fizzle. In a regular high glass, muddle half a lime, add 2cl each of Xanté and Midori (or similar) and top up with sprite. Tastes like candy.
  2. I have it setup up *kinda* like the old f-keys, just bumped down a row. instead of f1-5, I've mapped 1-5 (the regular number buttons) to the same functions. And I've moved the abilities I had on 1-5 down to qwert, and the qwert abilities to asdfg. You get the picture :)
  3. Rudyaard


    I can only answer out of personal experience, but here goes: 1: I found sea singer made tanking (no solo experience!) much easier. As a tank your dps won't matter too much anyway, so might as well focus on being a tank and let the DPS guys focus on the damage. 2: Yes, arcane works, and is, IMO, easier to learn tanking with thanks to the damage reduction. The prayer drain however is HUGE and the farseer is so much nicer to use. 4: just run past them with what ever gear you're wearing, eat a shark or two and enter the nex bank :)
  4. How.. the hell does that even make sense?! I think that makes pretty good sense. I mean orbs and books are supposed to be power sources, and with that reasoning it's not hard to imagine wands would provide the accuracy. And accuracy plays part of damage, does it not? Sure, your max hits could be the same with a singularity and comparing Seismic and, say, Ahrim's wand, but you won't hit it as much with the Ahrim's, would you? Thus making the Singularity with an Ahrim's wand less damage than with Seismic. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. For Jeff (and whoever else that finds it interesting) My asparagus: aaand the reason: https://www.youtube.....rh-z-s0 (recorded like 4 years old, my own) (My god my english sucked back then, now that I listen to it, hah)
  6. I wonder how long that tectonic will last... 400m for the set with GE standard prices atm
  7. Someone said on RSOF the release date is confirmed tomorrow? o_O EDIT: yes...
  8. Why are you doing red chins, are they actually alright money again? He's doing butterflies :P
  9. Mommy, the other kids won't stop mocking me for my face :sad:
  10. I even had this one as my wallpaper. I found - still does - it hilarious.
  11. I don't see why you'd bother starting over in '07 for any other reason that joining the max race... EOC is nice once you get the hang of it, and TDs recently got worth doing again.
  12. Are you sure you have all the items needed? IIIRC, don't you need to have all the coordinate-tools (+the clue, duh) in the inventory?
  13. Managed to remember my password, somehow! I always liked EoE, and despite I may or may no drop out again for another break sometime I still want it to live on. It's literally the only social 'life' I have in rs... If needed, I'm all for a fresh start with ranks given by activity, as long as everyone gets the opportunity/information to migrate to the new one. Some fresh recruitment wouldn't harm either, I think. As long as new members have about the same mindset as the rest of us it'd only be beneficial, I think.
  14. While doing the quest I got HUGE Assassin's Creed vibes... then I see it... lol
  15. Hey, it doesn't stack with goldsmith gloves. IT NULLS THEM. 22 xp/gold ore, ftw! EDIT: never mind this... I'm getting 62 xp/ore, however the xp drop on the counter says 22(2+)...
  16. I use TimeLeft... Timers, stopwatches, countdowns, you name it :)
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