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[Suggestion] Item Database - Weapon Speeds

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I think it would be a good idea to include the weapon speeds in the item database.


A lot of the weapons speeds are of course outlined in the RS KB, but for a lot of others like dungeoneering weapons and other quest items they have no official listing. The RS wiki has some, but they're not entirely reliable :rolleyes:

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i completely agree weapon speeds would make it much more efficent for choice


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agreed, it's one of the few things really missing from here. rune wikia has them, not seen any there that are wrong yet but it is a wiki, it's got more risk of that happening. One snipit that I believe isn't mentioned on there is the actual speed formula: att time = 0.6*(10-speed) where 0.6 is the game heartbeat. quite valuable for calculating weapon damage rates relative to one another

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