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what to fish?


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I am 91 fishing. I hear lots of conflicting things. First of all, I have tried rocktails and they are slow. Monks are fast, but their formally normal price of in the low to mid 400 is now more like mid 300's. Sharks I could fish to make bunyip, but they are kinda slow too, but not as slow as rocktails.


I have heard people say you should rocktail as soon as you can, others have said dont to rocktails til either 92 or 94.


So at level 91 what do I fish for the best mix of profit and experience.



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I personally did 90-99 at rocktails... sure they are fairly slow, but in the long run they are almost as good of xp as you're gonna get


they're about even in xp with monks but had better profit when i did them


another benefit is that they are easily afk-able :wink:

(840th To 99 Farm. Achieved on February 13th, 2008.) (2942th To 99 Crafting. Achieved on September 9th, 2008.)

(23671th To 99 Magic. Achieved on January 17th, 2009.) (46913th to 99 Hit Points. Achieved on March 20th, 2009.)

(30680th to 99 Range. Achieved on March 21st, 2009.) (66351th to 99 Attack. Achieved on July 8th, 2009.)

(2856th to 99 Herblore. Achieved on August 21st, 2009.) (45985th to 99 Woodcutting. Achieved on November 15th, 2009.)

(6119th to 99 Smithing. Achieved on December 24th, 2009.) (98100th to 99 Cooking. Achieved on January 1st, 2010.)

(63214th to 99 Defence. Achieved on January 30th, 2010.) (122697th to 99 Strength. Achieved on February 11th, 2010.)

(15249th to 99 Prayer. Achieved on March 21st, 2010.) (34209th to 99 Fishing. Achieved on July 7th, 2010.)

(9259th to 99 Summoning. Achieved on July 29th, 2010.) (51712th to 99 Firemaking. Achieved on September 6th, 2010.)

(109036th to 99 Fletching. Achieved on September 28th, 2010.) (15821th to 99 Slayer. Achieved on February 3rd, 2011.)

(11652th to 99 Construction. Achieved on June 18th, 2011.)

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I started fishing rocktails as soon as I could. The xp is great along with the profit so I suggest them. I am still there at the moment and still think that it's the way to go.




Dragon drops: Draconic Visage, Dragon Plateskirt, Dragon Med Helm, Dragon Platelegs

Other drops: Dragon Chainbody





Verac's flail, Verac's skirt x2, Guthan's platebody x2, Guthan's warspear x3, Dharok's helm x2, Ahrim's hood, Ahrim's robeskirt, Torag's platelegs, Karil's top, Karil's skirt, Karil's crossbow x2

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Fish rocktails your 91 fishing and thats the highest fish so obviously its going to be the best.


Now you might want some concrete proof so here it is.


40-45k xp/hr

300k gp/hr


If you want money and decent xp do these. If you want 99 fishing uber fast then do Barbarian rod fishing @ 60k xp/hr.


Those are your options..


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