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Nigerian Couple = White Baby


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My uncle is an albino, he doesn't have red eyes. That being said, his skin is paler than that baby's and his hair is pure white, unlike her's. She's not albino. Most likely it's a similar genetic "defect" that led to lower than normal melanin levels. I'm sure it's happened before, it's just not common enough that it's as well known as albinism.

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Did anyone actually read the article? It clearly stated the kid is not albino.


Just because the article says so doesn't make it true. The coincidence of blue eyes, very pale skin and blonde hair is too much evidence to ignore. On the other hand, it must be possible for black parents to produce a white child or vice versa due to genetic mutation, otherwise everyone would have the same colour skin.


Melanin is what causes hair and skin color. The closer you are to the equator the darker your skin is. Its a natural adaptation that your body does to protect itself against skin cancer. Thats why its so rare for a black person to get skin cancer while white people living in the southern part of the united states get it pretty often (statistically speaking).


I would like to say that it could possibly be an albino (albinoism is a disease where no melanin is produced at all). Judging by her nose (the closer to the equator the larger nose you have, as an adaptive trait to cool down) the larger your nose is. Her nose is definitely that of African decent. (looking at the pictures she has the same nose as her brothers and sisters). It could be a rare case of albinoism where SOME melanin is produced but not a whole lot. Im no expert but i can say safely in my own opinion that she is NOT of European decent.

The genetic mutations that have resulted in the vast difference in natural skin colour for people living nearer or further away from the equator are not directly caused by the sun, if you ignore the slight leeway given by tanning, since tanned skin doesn't get passed on. They merely occur at random, but selective pressures (the sun) influence which genes get passed on.


At some point in humanity's early years, a genetic mutation or series of genetic mutations occurred where a human couple with darker skin had a child with lighter skin. This might be a reoccurrence of that same mutation.


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I saw an albino black person once. Her skin was completely white, her hair was blonde, and her eyes were a kind of greenish-brown color. You could only tell she was black because of the shape of her skull.


EDIT: That baby is definitely black.



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