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Skip a step in level 2 clues

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So I got this clue here:


**Probably filled with wizards' socks Search the cabinet in the lowest level of the Wizards' Tower South of Draynor, where Sedridor the wizard lives.


When you try to open the cabinet, you'll find that they're locked, and there will be a message that says "One of the wizards might have the key...". Just kill a wizard to get the key for the drawers.




On my way inside of the wizard's tower, I decided to kill a wizard outside to see if he will drop a key, and sure enough he did. You don't have to open the cabinet/drawers first, you can kill whatever has the key and THEN go unlock the drawer/cabinet, instead of wasting your time walking back and forth.

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Thanks for your submission! I changed it to make it faster, and the changes should be reflected soon!

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