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Farming guide?


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Farming is VERY profitable. Even guams will put a nice chunk of change in your pocket every day. As for guides, there are some good ones in the AOW. Farming hasn't changed much over the years.


Zaaps1's farming guide. Zaaps1 wrote it, so you know it's good.

To put it bluntly, [bleep] off.

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Although zaaps doesn't explicitly say it, do Fairy Tale part 1 for a nice chunk of farming xp and then Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf for another boost. That's level 25-27 right there.

And after that, Garden of Tranquillity for 30 farming, My Arm's Big Adventure for 33 farming, and then Spirit of Summer, Enlightened Journey, and Recipe for Disaster (goblins) for 37 farming!


And don't forget about Rum Deal, Fairy Tale 3, Grim Tales, and Back to my Roots once you're a little higher-level. That's another 46k xp there, which is like 6 yew trees' worth.

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