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NESCIO - Mature Skilling Clan

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Nescio is an international clan for mature Runescape skillers. We offer a healthy, un-frustrated and humoristic environment where tolerance, understanding and mutual respect are key.


As a skilling clan we stimulate just that, skilling. We do that by organizing skilling weeks (one week on, two weeks off), a friendly competition amongst clan mates, but also through one of our main features, the clan chat. The chat offers a way to communicate with clan mates while you are skilling. Our forum is for things we like to share with the community... and for applying to become a member.


In the next post you will find more about applying. If you are not yet 18 years or have a total of less than 1500... you can stop reading here.


Nescio is a clan where the members are tolerant of the ideas of others, as they are aware of everyone's including their own flaws. As such, the clan helps its members by achieving higher levels in all skills but is also open to help all other players on Runescape. Friendliness, respect and helpfulness are key traits of the Nescio crew. And opposed to the name, most of our players do know a lot of how to play the game efficiently and with good fun.


The following key phrases express our philosophy:


-We listen to clan mates and are open to suggestions

-We nurture a good sense of humor

-We do not squabble over little things but are open to discussion

-We dislike drama, frustration, (passive) aggression and patronizing

-We organize events to do stuff together (mini games, boss monsters, distractions & diversions)

-We organize skilling weeks for friendly in-clan competition


If you feel the same way 'We' do, and you fulfill the requirements, please post an introduction on the Nescio forum board to get to know us, or join our clan chat whenever it is open to guests!


Nescio rules of engagement: requirements for application


To apply, candidates must have followed the procedure. This procedure is designed to help you as well as Nescio make a well based decision as to whether we fit together.

The procedure is as follows:

- You must have posted an introduction on our forum under "Introductions"

- You must have visited the chat and have talked with several of our members

- You must have contributed to the forum by making substantial posts or replies in the public section, at least 5 before applying

- You must have the support of two clan members to make your application


The requirements for application and membership of Nescio are the following:


1. You agree to and follow the rules of Jagex and Nescio (next post).

2. You have a minimum age of 18 years.

3. You have a minimum total score of 1500.

4. You will refrain from actions that damage the reputation of Nescio and its members.

5. You will be an active member of the clan, be it in chat, on the forums, in clan events or skill weeks.

6. You will refrain from negativity, drama and aggression both towards clan members as to other players.

7. You will help clan members where you can, as they will help you when you require help.

8. You will notify the clan when you will be absent for a longer period of time, as in a few weeks.

9. You will visit the forums at least once a week and if possible participate in the discussions.

10. You are primarily a skiller, not a PK-er or a mercher.

11. You have respected the procedure in becoming a member.


With that said, we do not appreciate multi-clanning: you cannot be a member of any other clan next to Nescio.


Nescio clan rules


A clan cannot function smoothly for long without any rules.

Nescio has set up the following rules for its members:


1. We are here to have fun: do not spoil the fun by spoiling the atmosphere, arguing, dramatizing or otherwise. We can agree, we can disagree and when that is the case, sometimes we can just agree to disagree. Aggression, passive aggression, cursing, emotional blackmail, accusations of any kind are not allowed.


2. We abide by Jagex Runescape rules. This means before all else: Botting, account sharing, scamming, remarks of an illicit nature, discriminatory remarks and all other actions to put someone else down are not allowed. Sharing account information is not allowed.


3. We respect each other's choices and beliefs, religious, political or otherwise. We respect each other's limitations. However, no discussions will be avoided. This is, given the respect, not necessary. Being a member of Nescio means you will accept people at times not agreeing with you. We identify ourselves with our actions, not with our preferences or beliefs.


4. Being part of Nescio means we expect a certain degree of activity. If you cannot be active for a long time, being more than a few weeks, let us know. Without any previous warning about absence, membership will be suspended and a period of several weeks after that, canceled.


5. We are all responsible for what we write on the forum and in the clan chat. Nescio does not allow posts to remain that are offensive to people in any way or that call for certain actions not concerning playing Runescape or the clan. Offensive posts, especially disrespectful ones and those containing any kind of discrimination, will be removed. Respectful discussion threads, however strong they may be, will not be removed. So be aware that what you write on the Internet may well be forever.


6. By being a part of this clan we promise to help each other. Since this is primarily a skilling clan, this means we help with tips for skilling, questing, with goods when we have them to spare and in joining each other in activities. If possible we help each other achieve higher levels in skills, be it by training them together or by exchanging goods and materials.


7. There is a group of admins to run the clan. Their instructions must be followed and their decisions are rule. If you do not agree to any decision concerning you, take it up with the admin who took the decision in private. If there is no resolution after that, write a personal message through the forum to another admin. He or she will bring it to the admins meeting to discuss the issue. Unlike some clans, the admins actually do listen to you.


8. If you change your name in game, change your name also on the forum. To avoid having the admins work mainly for your pleasure, limit the amount of name changes to 4 times per year. Give your name decent thought. Names of an offensive nature are not allowed.


9. PK-ing is allowed for members, but not as part of Nescio. When you PK do not mention Nescio as your clan, since Nescio does not wish to be associated with PK-ing. Mentioning PK endeavors, wins and losses, deaths and victories, on the forum and in the chat, is not allowed.


10. By joining Nescio, you agree to these rules and promise to be a part of our online family.


Something about ranks...


We know the following ranks, as shown in the clan chat:

- Gold stars: Administrators, both on the forum as in the clan chat;

- Silver stars: Moderators, can be also moderator on the forum;

- Bronze stars: Full clan members.


What do these ranks mean? Unlike some other clans it does not mean that the people above are the boss. Much like a company or union, the council is the highest organ. The council is made up of all (!) full fletched Nescio members. If there is doubt or discussion about a decision, we vote. The silver and gold stars are those members that have agreed to give up some of their playing time to do supportive work for the clan, in the chat or on the forum. The group of existing administrators/moderators chooses a new co-member of the clan support team.


- One banana: Registered guest has visited the clan chat multiple times and has indicated to be posting an introduction;

- Two bananas: Has posted an introduction, is thinking about applying for membership;

- Three bananas: Has applied for membership, awaiting acceptance, is admitted to the members’ part of the forum.


There is no other way to acquire ranks than by the above mentioned methods.




The cc is currently open to guests: go2mycc

For more information, PM in game:

- Mad Mordegai

- Christie777


Here is the link to our forum

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As stated in the rules, bump replies are not allowed. Instead, the original poster can make use of the Bump button located in the thread.




With love to one, friendship to many, and good will to all.

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  • 2 weeks later...

This weeks activities (so far):

- Wednesday... Penguin hunting

- Wednesday... Dungeoneering

- Friday... Start Thieving skill week


Please remember that the Wednesday's reset also resets the circus and the chance to catch all 13 jadinkos! :rolleyes:

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This weeks activities (so far):

- Wednesday... Penguin hunting

- Wednesday... Dungeoneering

- Friday... Start Thieving skill week


Please remember that the Wednesday's reset also resets the circus and the chance to catch all 13 jadinkos! :rolleyes:

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Thieving week ended on Friday, May 06, 2011 :razz:

Congratulations to Mad Mordegai who is the winner in most xp gained = 2,960,483 and to Chyeis who is the winner in most levels gained = 11 \:D/

Total xp gained = 8,121,920

Total levels gained = 29

Very nice work every one and very good results for our first skilling week :thumbsup:

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