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    Holidays for me is tons of work and overtime where i work in real life, co workers can't take any time off during December but we are so short staffed that we get lots of overtime hours at work. The joy of working at a major mall during the holiday..everything is opened later. :P
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    This article is missing a picture currently, which I have an image that may be used in the submission, article link: https://www.tip.it/runescape/npcs/view/139-arhein
  3. Welcome back, First off I would recommend reading the news archive as it mentions most of the content that has been added into the game which may be new to you. If your a quester, quests are still a great way to unlock new content..such as Priff (the elf city) which has tons of new skilling methods. Slayer from what I heard is pretty decent as well, bossing to although I never was huge on pvm myself. :( You can do world 2 div locations daily as well for pretty much free skilling resources (ore, fish, herbs, ect) but there is a limit cap per day on this. Are you more into combat or skilling?
  4. Congrats on those milestone achievements as a clan, some pretty impressive gains over time obtained. :)
  5. Congrats on 120 slayer and firemaking and 200mxp Magic. Keep up the great progress and best of luck with the Comp cape goal. :D
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    Examine Text: A servant of the Duke of Lumbridge. Race: Human Members: No Quests: The Lost Tribe Location: Patrolling Lumbridge castle courtyard Notes: The 5 year, 10 year, and 15 year Veteran capes may be purchased from Hans, providing that the requirements are met for each cape. If the requirements are not met however, Hans will state how much time is remaining before the player can purchase a Vereran cape. Each cape is sold together with a hood that corresponds to each Veteran cape. The 5 year Veteran cape may be purchased for 50,000 coins. The 10 year Veteran cape may be purchased for 100, 000 coins. The 15 year Veteran cape may be purchased for 150,000 coins. Treasure Trials: Hans is featured in an anagram clue along with a cryptic clue, which both have Snah in it
  7. In addition to the above, I find it is very useful for obtaining resources which you can use on other skills while training them. As Wintertod damage scales to the persons hitpoints level, it is more efficent to do it when you are a low level/hitpoint level compared to being a higher level. You can sell the loot as well for gp flow if you need for starting out. Hunting red chins are also good for cash flow if your able to find an open spot, running nats, woodcutting/fletching yew logs..or slayer. If you are looking to get easy levels in general first hand, then I would recommend doing quests for the rewards and new areas. :)
  8. Pineapple on pizza is good, I am sure there are lots around who disagree with it but I heard of some crazier stuff..such as seafood on pizza and cream of mushroom soup. O_o
  9. Hi all, Recently stumbled across this forums once again and it reminded me of the good old days and its great to see that the community is still around. I use to use the guides section many years ago back when I was a noob but never officially joined. :P Anyways I have decided to finally register and be apart of the community. :) Mostly play OSRS and RSC these days, sometimes RS3 but I am maxed now. I use to be a OSRS guide writer on another fansite ( i along with many others left due to some internal leadership issues) so if anyone needs help with OSRS related stuff let me know. Come from canada and am crazy over pizza and often lurk on twitter. Looking forward to getting to know everyone here and being apart of the community. <3 Hope to see you guys around the forums. :)
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