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Helloo fellow tip.it-eer's!


Recently I got accepted into college, and my college is hosting an advertising contest. I created an ad, but my computer died and it forced me to quickly create another makeshift video in its place. The reward for having the most likes on the video is that you can win upto $3500 off of this years tuition. At the moment I am really strapped for cash because I just bought a vehicle and have to pay for school mostly out of my own pocket.


I could've asked my friends in real life, however the internet is much much much vaster and active than all of my friends combined. Just by watching the video, and clicking 'like' on youtube, you could really really help me out!


The video will be uploaded Friday morning(this morning) in about 8 hours. The contest ends in about 16 hours. I NEED THIS VOTES! 1 vote = 1 Like. The more views, the merrier!


Anyways, I will edit this post with the video in the morning! The prize will be given to the person who can prove to me that they used MOST YouTube accounts to LIKE the video. Screenshots, video, whatever. Prove you Liked the video and you will be entered into the contest.


Proof of cash!



Thank you!!

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I'm sorry but this falls under real world trading which is against the RuneScape rules. You're welcome to post your video here when it's completed, but don't offer RuneScape items for people to view it.


Good luck with winning!



RIP Michaelangelopolous

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