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Equenox's Blog of Things | Maxed 21/8/15

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this post is super old, [bleep] updating it@

The Adventures of Equenox
(RSN: Equenox)


Hey, and welcome to my blog. This is where I record stuff about what I'm doing in RuneScape, how I'm doing with my goals and other stuff I think could be interesting! So, let's get on with it:

'Starting Stats'

'About Me'
In the real world people call me Ben. I'm an 18 year old, British Medical Student in my first year studying at the University of Nottingham, so feel free to ask me about that stuff!

I started playing RuneScape in 2004 (Yo-yo pride), on an account called Icey_Drago11, having been talked into starting play by a friend of mine. Back in the day I was hardly the best player, and never really acheived any significant skills. I remember being passionate about hunting Hard Clues from Hellhounds using my sub-70 Ranged. There are a few memories that stick out; owning a pair of Ranger Boots back when they were 100k a pair and selling them because I thought they sucked, my first trip across White Wolf, the release of Summoning and Construction and plenty of other stuff! I eventually quit RS when my parents cancelled my members, and didn't come back until

In 2005 I started my then-pure (and now main) Equenox. It was originally intended to be a 1 Defence PKing account, but I never really got very far with him, and he was doomed to be logged out at the Monks for a few years. I came back to RuneScape on 2008, and remembering that I'd passed Ice_Drago11 over to my little brother, who'd cleaned the bank for me, decided I'd rather start again as a new account, so I returned to Equenox. Here I played for about another 6 months again, before rejoining about a year ago now to find Dungeoneering released, and a whole lot had changed!

'What I'm Doing in RuneScape'
Here is where I'm going to stick all the goals I've got for RuneScape.

My main goals at the moment are all skills 80+ and 99 Dungeoneering.

In order to get all my skills above level 80 I need another 70 levels at the time of writing. Of those 70 levels, 20 are buyable skills (Cooking, Fletching, Crafting, and Smithing), 10 are Summoning which I nearly have the Charms for, and the rest are other skills. As a more short-term goal I'll go for all 75+, which shouldn't take too long if I actually sit down and get on with it!

99 Dungeoneering has always been what I want for my first 99, as it's the skill I enjoy the most in the game. I Dungeoneer with EoE, who I've been with since just after formation. I've just started to learn to Key, and although I have a long way to go it is a lot of fun, and definitely something I'm keen to get better at! Other Dungeoneering goals include level 95 for Warped floors, getting the last three Chaotic weapons, buying the Prayer scrolls, and getting a Sneakerpeeker.

In order to improve my effectiveness in Dungeoneering I'm also working on my combat skills through Slayer. In the short term I'm aiming for 90+ Attack for a Prom 2h, and in the long-term getting all three to 90+. Dungeoneering should get me a reasonable amount of Strength exp, so Defence will probably be my second 90+.

'RuneScape Achievements'
[spoiler=99 Dungeoneering]Got 99 Dungeoneering on 05/06/2012!

[spoiler=82 Farming and 2000 Total Levels]Got 2k total and 82 Farming on 29/02/2012. Missed the screenshot for 78 Hunter too.

[spoiler=Chaotic Crossbow]This is my second Chaotic (Rapier first of course). Got this baby on 27/02/2012.

[spoiler=Quest Cape]Got my Quest Cape for the first time, which I managed on 25/02/2012 at about 1:30AM.
Looks pretty hawt.

'Other Stuff'
I'm pretty interesting in making graphics, I've made a lot of signatures in my time. Some of my personal favourites can be found in thisthread, and if you want me to make you something drop me a message and we can talk it over.

I also enjoy competitive Pokémon, although I'm very out of practice at the moment. Hoping to get back into the scene soon though.

That's all I can think of to write at the moment... If there's anything you wanna know just ask, and feel free to add me in-game, my RSN is BareAssChaps at the moment.

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I think it's wild that your only two skills over 90 are prayer and herblore. Did you spend a ton of money on those skills over the years?


Interesting start to your blog.

Actually both of those are levels I've got this year. 95 Prayer I bought from level 85 in January this year and got 95 on the 31st January, and 91 Herblore I got earlier this month, on the 20th. They both cost a lot, but they were completely worth it imo, I use both Turmoil and Overloads on a daily basis and I'm pretty much at the stage where I have all the items I sold back again.


Thanks for reading!

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Didn't play a vast amount today, but still managed to get a couple of levels! I was running low on Juju Farming potions, so I went to Herblore Habitat and started catching Jadinko's for seeds, and eventually got 78 Hunter as I was doing so (missed the screenshot :P).


Then later as I was farming herbs I got myself 82 Farming and my 2000th total level which was awesome!



Probably going to start going back to Frosts to buff my bank value a bit, planning to buy Herblore supplies once everyone starts panic selling their stockpiles when it's announced.

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  • 2 months later...

Needs more dg

Got a casual 830kish exp yesterday, should be getting 99 in the next week or so :D then I can get 100, bind a plate and stop fking dying >_<

but yeah moar dg!


Just got 80 woodcutting! Only another 24 levels for all 80+ now so getting kinda close. Gonna start on Mining now, and buy the gold ore for smithing so I can do that too. Once I've got those down Thieving shouldn't be too bad at PP, Slayer I'm gonna get when I'm bored of skilling, and I need more Ugune seeds anyway so Hunter is gonna happen.



inb4purple cape :)

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Keep going! DG will be a great first 99 :) also I can duo/trio (if Mojo wants?) PP with you if you like, it's really fast and quite fun.


The purple cape is very pretty <3:

Threesome oh baby


I'll plunder your pyramids...


Threesome/duo plundering does sounds goo to me :D, let's fking do it!



Soon you'll have more seeds than you know what to do with >.>

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