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How should I go about training my construction from 72 to 80? I haven't trained construction (let alone RuneScape) in ages and I'm wondering if there are any new training methods... Probably not, Jagex haven't updated construction in quite a while IIRC.

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it :)

Th e Doctor
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Oak larders, dungeon doors or mahogany tables. Check grimy's sheets for which is best for cost

Armadyl Drops : 4 Hilts; 3 Chestplates; 2 Chainskirts; 1 Helmet; 1 Buckler; 2 Shard 1; 2 Shard 2; 1 Shard 3

Nex : 1 Zaryte Bow

Kalphite King : 1 Drygore Rapier ; 1 Drygore Longsword : 1 Drygore Offhand Rapier : 1 Drygore Offhand Longsword

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At the moment, I'm training construction too and Oak dungeon doors are nice exp/gp, so take a look at them! However I believe that they require 73 Construction so you may want to try Oak larders until you can make the doors.
Remember to take advantage of the AHK's (Auto Hot-Keys) and of a servants ability to un-cert your items; so bring your stack of oak planks (noted!) with you and just use them on him, get him to un-cert 26, he'll do it for you, then make the Larders/doors.
After he does it once, you can just right click "Fetch from bank", hit '1' then he will repeat the action.
Hold in '1' so that you can remove objects too, so the only clicking you have to do is making the item and also un-certing your planks!
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