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Thank You for fixing Display Names!

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D. V. Devnull
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D. V. Devnull

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Hello, Tip.It Staff! :D

I thought, since I don't know who specifically was involved in this, that I would create a thread and post my thanks about the positive changes to Display Names. Heck, this way, all who worked on it get to see my compliments, and everyone else who wants to add their compliments can easily do so. Personally I am very happy and appreciative that Display Names are now accepting additional spaces and punctuation. I'll admit, I've been itching mentally since they first became available to set it like you see it now, and I'm really glad that I was finally able as of this morning (PST time zone) to set mine. :thumbsup:

So yeah, before I ramble like some maniac, I'll say it again and buzz off...

THANK YOU! :wub:

~D. V. "Really ecstatic about setting my Display Name..." Devnull

(p.s.: Heck, an extra +1, simply because Jagex doesn't even let their F2P'ers do this!)
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I support this compliment just because I know how much D.V. Devnull has wanted this over the years. I'm glad you finally have it. :thumbup:
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Just so you know I believe we made these changes back in late January, we just didn't think it warranted an announcement. :P

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