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Runespan at 68 Rc


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I started Runespan at level 70, which is pretty much close enough to you for me to give advice. I'd pop up to the top level and make a stash of death runes to give to the yellow wizard when he calls, then go down to the second level and hang out around an island with a law esshound and watch out for high level nodes (jumpers, shifters, nebulas, and chaotic clouds mostly) and siphon those, using the law esshound for essence and when there are no nodes around. When the yellow wizard calls, pop over to where the vine ladder is (the one going down to the first floor) and ask to be pointed in the right direction. There is an island with a law esshound that is only like 3 hops from the permanent blue wizard on the second floor, I hung around there. Important to note is that I think its better to give the best runes you can make (i.e., death) rather than the ones the yellow wizard asks for, all the way until level 77, when there is a jump in experience you get for giving the right runes, so at that point switch to giving the right runes.



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Nature esshounds should be slightly better exp/siphon than law esshounds when you aren't siphoning nodes or running to find the yellow wizard.


Armadyl Drops : 4 Hilts; 3 Chestplates; 2 Chainskirts; 1 Helmet; 1 Buckler; 2 Shard 1; 2 Shard 2; 1 Shard 3

Nex : 1 Zaryte Bow

Kalphite King : 1 Drygore Rapier ; 1 Drygore Longsword : 1 Drygore Offhand Rapier : 1 Drygore Offhand Longsword

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Thanks for the info guys, I'll give what you(flyingjj) said a go today and see how it works out.


I was on the high level doing death esswraith, with a combination of skulls, jumpers, shifters, nebulas and chaotic clouds whenever I ran into them.

I saw one yellow wizard because he popped up beside me lol, I wasn't sure if hunting him down would be worth it or not.

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