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  1. Yeah, as far as I could tell, it was an auto pull then stun if you got too far away from him.
  2. One of the best done quests in a long time. Probably top 10 for me. Certainly the first in a long time that didn't leave me wanting at the end. (Except for the finale.)
  3. So I won the darts this raffle, went to the KK for the first time ever, and first drop got off-hand drygore rapier. I'll call that a win :) Not that they needed to be anything, but the next two were shark drops.
  4. Doing some quick math, seems like this is 220% additional experience. So, actually 320% of normal.
  5. So I'm trying to do a couple gold cracker for cracker pulls. I've been looking in the c4c fc but its been empty except for one person lately. I haven't had a chance to check it during peak times, but I wanted to see if any tip.iter's wanted to exchange pulls. If not, anyone know of anyone who wants a pull exchange or a better more recent fc to use?
  6. I have no idea whatsoever what compelled Jagex to think Spring Cleaner needed an upgrade.
  7. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the fastest way to get golden eggs is to camp barb fishing, regardless of whether you already have the eggs. Prawn balls are so fast there, it seems to me that you'll get the eggs much faster than fishing the worse spots. (Plus I find it much more engaging than, for example, rocktail fishing where catch rates are so low.) I know I got the majority of my eggs for my first time through there. I recommend saving up the mystery eggs until you have all three leaping fish so you don't waste them and get one of the leaping fish with a mystery egg.
  8. I'm extremely excited for the aquarium to come out! It'll give me motivation to train fishing to get the golden eggs and it's a construction update! I have most of the treasure hunter stuff I expect Vic to be stocking, but it will be nice to trade in my bxp in my 99s for useful stuff.
  9. The ONLY advantage I see to this is I could actually get my wife to play with me as we'd be on relatively even footing. She's played several times on and off over the years but no where near the consistent playtime of my character I've had since classic. But like others said, it would also take away a large portion of the game.
  10. I think farming timers would really detract from one of the core concepts of the farming skill. Also, I was really hoping runelabs would be used for actual content, not just quality of life improvements and suggestions. All of these top options seem like minor suggestions rather than things that would add to the game. I like that they would fill them out somewhat, but still.
  11. For the curious, the exiles final story voyage base rewards:
  12. Near as I can tell, there has been no sign of the gemstone kaseki or tengu tsuba yet. I am not-so-patiently awaiting mine, particularly the kasekis, as I already have that scroll finished and am excited to finally have an affordable magic weapon higher than tier 75.
  13. Huh. I never knew passwords weren't case sensitive. The more you know...
  14. Are there new areas coming out, though? i.e., are we actually going to need more distance? Seems like this update just provides more uses for terracotta and azure
  15. Easiest way: Fairy ring (it's one of the other tasks anyway) EDIT: Doesn't work
  16. Slight correction from my understanding of the stream: The eddimu pet comes from the "bigger" eddimu.
  17. Flyingjj


    I want to do Morvran's boss challenge, but have never done Arraxor or DKS. I think I could manage DKS, but am unsure about Arraxor. Should I give it a try with my stats (in sig)? I have full ports gear, drygores, royal CB(could get Deathlotus darts), and staff of light(chaotic staff if getting it would significantly raise my chances). I also have around 100m but would rather not spend all of that(though part of it would be fine)
  18. Yes this is true, but at the same time a lot can be said for how much more complicated it must be to work in the RS3 development environment. You also hear a lot about running out of time in their graphics allotment or about how they don't have the graphics budget for that. RS3 is just bigger, and has so many more things to worry about breaking when you are developing something. Also, here is an official summary of all the things from Mark's talk: http://services.runescape.com/m=news/runefests-big-reveals?jptg=ia&jptv=community_news
  19. FINALLY. Don't get your hopes up, he said something to the effect that it is his eternal quest to find a way to do it.
  20. Ironman launch Monday confirmed.
  21. (Will edit with more info as stream goes on) Runelabs: Player Idea System; Support for proposing and reviewing player ideas for what should be released into the games. Instead of Jagex ideas being polled, player ideas will be polled moreHalf of update schedule from runelabs, polled every month, with at least one player idea update released every month 200th Quest: Look back at RoD quest. Asked themselves the question: What if there were no heroes at all?Artwork of hypothetical situations if our hero hadn't stopped evil villains in quest (Zemourguel takes over Varrock)Alternate reality where hero never existed; players decide which villains we'll see in quest(Mod Mark has the largest black bead collection 3k+) Zamorak Heist quest: Hero puts together team to help Zamorak take back stone of Jas, Ocean's 11 style. Player choice in composition of team, silly or serious, etc. Rune golem quest: Someone wants to teleport abyss into Gielinor. build Golem to help you sniff down the criminals (ETA this year) Christmas 2014 - Bring snowboarding to RS; Giant World Event Christmas Cracker Player-Owned Ports: Further Eastern lands exploration; 3 new adventures in new directions rather than longer voyages. Possible level 85 magic and melee weapons. Focus on ninja updates to make updating your voyages easier, more accessible Talking about updates from last RuneFest that didn't materialize:HTML5; Performance issues. Rewrote HTML5 client. No more loading screens upon entry into game or into new area. (Shows footage of existing (java?) client vs new (presumably) HTML5 client). Unclear if new client is based on HTML5 or not. Definitely not java. Seems to be a "More focused" version of HTML5. Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Beta available in a few months (hopefully)Valley of the Death: Pking mechanic, permadeath; Some mechanics addressed by Ironman mode (RELEASE DATE: MONDAY) Still want to rejuvenate the wildernessInventor skill: Mod Mark wanted Inventor. Reworking Inventor into adding into existing skills rather than developing new skillSome Ideas: Fletching: Rapid fire bowsConstruction: More surface world buildingSmithing: Custom armourCooking: Weird crazy master chef multiplayer cooking World Events: Cooperative World Event: Tuska!Tuska has portal on her back to summon followersNo guarantee of winHidden temples on her back to explore.Multi-stage conflictsNothing is certainRandom stuff/possible ideas: New God Wars DungeonMinigame spotlightsMod Mark really wants to make in-game shops usefulIronman launches MONDAY
  22. Also, brawling gloves. Brawling gloves are set to work. So. Much. Exp.
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