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Concerning Blisterwood Stakes

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I'm fresh from camping vyrelords to level 80 ranging, and am considering going to 90 with blisterwood stakes. I might switch it up with slayer and avansies, but assuming I just use blisterwood stakes on vyrelords for the ~3.3m exp I need to get to level 90...


About how many blisterwood stakes is that? I notice they need to "break" more often then other ammo types. I use ava's alerter and would not likely pick up the stakes on the ground (side question: do ava devices automatically pick up the ammo from the ground or do they just save ammo as it's used?).


Does anyone have any idea what the breakage rates on the stakes are? I seem to get 100k exp per 800-900 stakes, but I haven't been keeping track of it so if anyone else already has the data, I'd love to know.




PS: Don't suggest chins. I know what amazing exp it is, but it's irrelevant to what I want to know.

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Ava's device saves ammo as it is used, it doesn't show up on the ground if it's saved. No clue how often stakes break, for most ammo the accepted rate is around 20% breakage, so you can, on average, fire a bolt five times. Stakes are as fast as darts, which means you can throw 3000 per hour tops (probably closer to 2700). If you get 100k xp per 900 stakes used, you get about 65k xp/hr (600 lost per hour, so 100k/1.5 hours).


Make sure you are using void deflector (swift gloves > ranged top), eagle eye or rigour, the best ranging potion you can access and rapid fire.

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