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SOTG/Ibis Help


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Lol I came to H&A wanting to ask about the PP rares and realized the top topic was about them too :P


Anyways yeah I'm on a journey to get 50m thieve through plunder and hopefully get full black ibis/SOTG in the process.


1. On average, how much xp or how many runs does it take to get SOTG (general ballpark figures or rough approximations are cool too, I really have no clue lol)?


2. Is SOTG only obtainable from the standing sarco in Room 8?


3. Will I get an alert for SOTG/Black ibis? What happens if I get kicked out with full invo and I get SOTG/ibis piece?


4. Approximate xp/piece for ibis with/without SOTG after the update?


5. Did the update make SOTG more common, or has the rate stayed the same?


Thanks :>


Also buying PP duo partner (hi Sonic :PPP), drop me a line :>

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Some dude on HLF reported 40 hours pre-update for the first two pieces, then 4 hours post-update for the last two. Both with SOTG.


SOTG is only obtained from the engraved sarcophagus, yes.


SOTG as far as I know operates the same as the Pharaoh's sceptre, if you get it you'll be teleported out, and if your inventory is full it'll drop to the floor. Try not to get randomed during this point in time :P


Black ibis doesn't have a teleportation effect, but you will get a dialogue notification like the sceptres. This will probably close almost instantly if you're on the move or getting attacked by scarabs. If your inventory is full the ibis piece will drop to the floor.


No idea about rates with/without SOTG. First 3 rooms are supposed to be around 40k/h if you choose to play purely for ibis pieces.


Finally, SOTG rate should be about the same.


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I finally got Sceptre of the Gods this week - just gone past 14m xp, of which around 7.5m would have come from the final room (No idea how many caskets I opened).


As for Black Ibis - I'm still trying to get a piece !!



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As I posted in another topic...


As the other guys have said already, opening the urns in the first 3-4 rooms is much faster than opening the urns in the final two rooms. The experience rate is around a maximum of 40k experience per hour when just doing the first three rooms, but you do open a decent number of urns.


If you really don't care about experience rates and just want the Black Ibis outfit for the looks, then you're best off just opening the first three rooms worth of urns.


It took me 4 and a half hours to get the Black Ibis Legs and then finally the Top with the Sceptre of the Gods with the new drop rates. Previously, it took me over 40 hours (all spent in these first three rooms) to get the Mask and Boots. It's great to have the full set now, although I only use it for the looks, as the 2.5% XP bonus is useless in Pyramid Plunder. It may help one day if I decide to get my Thieving rank even higher.


You will get a notification that the Black Ibis has popped up on the ground in your chatbox window, and it doesn't matter if you click away from it.

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