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  1. I'm now of the opinion that it was an 'internal fraud' at Jagex. No keylogger on my computer, I've not been Phished & no-one irl knows I play RS. Seems very coincidental that I was hacked shortly after my 200m Slayer Global Announcement. Maybe I'm just that little bit too cynical...............
  2. They sent a request to find out all accounts associated with my e-mail address (see below), Jagex oblidged them by sending a nice list of my accounts & I assume they then married the RS names & my e-mail address to change password etc. No-one irl has access to my Runescape details. You requested details of all login names associated with this email address. We found 4 accounts that can be used to log in to RuneScape and other Jagex games. Fork Sake Kin L The Lad1 ****my e-mail address here************* If you did not submit this forgot login request, you can safely ignore this email - your accounts will remain secure. Kind regards, Jagex Account Support
  3. That's exactly what I want to know - thought my Bank would at least be safe, would have only lost c 100m then :( Anyone know of a working Jaegx e-mail, the one I've used previously just bounces back now, I've written them a nice e-mail & could do with a reply.
  4. Well, A/c recovered. 4.5 billion of items no longer there + 1 bil of gp, they had access to my Bank as well. Think it may well be the spur I need to quit, my membership is due for renewal in January & I don't suppose I'll now bother renewing it. I hope Mr Hacker / RWT'er you really enjoyed yourself last night on my gains over the past 11 years & manged to destroy this in less than 12 hours.
  5. Guys, It's finally happened, despite having (what I thought) a clean PC & Authenticator on my account I've tried to log in this morning to find I've been hacked. Checking my e-mail account shows 5 messages from Jagex confirming the change of my password & e-mail address, these were all sent whilst I was sleeping & as such couldn't do anything about it. I've obviously done an appeal & am now waiting for the response, as it's a Sunday morning I'm not hopeful for a speedy turnaround. From 200m Slayer to Hacked in 1 week :( I'm hoping my Bank Pin is secure for a couple more days..........................unless thats been key-logged as well. If you see me in game, can you challenge me just in case someone has already purchased my account. Any opther suggestions as to how I can potentially speed up the recovery of my account. Cheers
  6. What os your tactic? They are a lot easier to kill today, with so few people there now, even the Elites. Tuska's Wrath works well there Problem yesterday was the Enrage glitch, was like playing russian roulette with the Dragons !
  7. Finally managed to get the full 'Gift of the Gu' outfit.
  8. As far as I'm aware, it's only 15xp per Bow String . Therefore, if you are getting 30xp on your counter you are getting full value for your Bonus Xp i.e. 15xp + 15 bonus XP = 30xp. This is what will show on the screen. +30xp (15 Bonus XP) - the bracketed amount is included in the intial figure.
  9. Welcome to this weekends 'Special Treasure Hunter' promotion offering you the 'chance' to win as many Springs as your bank balance can afford (or not afford as the case may be) !!
  10. Ooops, lucky it wasn't that much !!! He wanted more, but I told him where to go !!!! May this be a lesson to those as stupid as me ;)
  11. I thought both people were supposed to get the Mystery Egg. Pulled this golden cracker & only the other person got the prize - I got nothing?
  12. Oooops, guess I broke the game then........
  13. I usually solo the Demon Mobs & DL makes this both a) achievable & b) acceptable use of my time. Kal'gerion Demons were previously a task that I only tolerated for the Titles, in reality the rest of the drops were not worth the effort in killing. In reality, DL is now overpowered, to the extent that it makes the above considerably easier & quicker, however, this is not as big a game changer as Jagex seem to suggest. Getting a 'free' world at Kal'gerions is considerably easier than trying to do a Ascension Slayer task whereby you have to compete with the 'farmers' just looking for keys - In my opinion this is more of a problem than DL has caused. Ascension's should be an on task kill only, with the task numbers increased to compensate for this (& key drop frequency also increased !). Abby Demons are still better to be killed with mage to save all the running around. In summary, leave things as they are!!
  14. Livid Farm is the one & only reason why I am not Comped & never will be. As much as I'd like the benefits of the Comp cape I've made a concious decision not to to put myself through the mind numbing grindfest that it is (managed 4 spells & gave up). Changes to the format would most welcome, but as above can't see them actually doing anything about it..................
  15. Good News Blaze, I've been a member for over 10 years now (have cape to prove it) & do Clues at almost every opportunity I, like you, feel entitled to a good reward every now & again. As mentioned earlier in the thread, I've already had 2 pieces of 3rd Age Armour, but that's not enough for me given I've paid my membership for years. I must be due some 3rd Age Dye now, or at least a bit of druidic, but all Jagex gives me is this measily Barrows Dye - How dare they!!! Come on Jagex sort this game out........................................ This post has been made with a huge amount of sarcasm contained & does not reflect my true views ;)
  16. I do (sometimes) miss the 'Old Warband' days, the continuing battles with SAPK - trying to keep up to date with Alliances was probably the hardest part. Nat & his cronies killed me many times during my Anti-PK duties, but it was all part of the fun.
  17. I haven't been able to log in today at all - neither Client or Internet are working for me. I've rebooted several times, taken computer back to previous date & deactivated firewalls & still no luck. Any ideas?
  18. Like Witchy, I've also had 2 pieces of 3rd Age, however, I would suggest that I've also done considerably more clues than you & therefore by the law of averages I'm more likely to get a 'decent' reward in the end. You have 2 options, keep doing clues & hope for some luck in the end, or quit & find another game that is more suited to your style of play.
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