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  1. I'm pleased to advise I've also joined the 2 x 3rd Age Treasure Trail rewards club. The spooky thing is my last ones were also obtained on Good Friday - back in 2008 !! I made a forum post back then titled 'I've had a Good Friday, how's yours been?' !! Happy Days :)
  2. Gem finding scrimshaws are a waste of time imo. I've now used 3 Superior ones & have still to find an Onyx, only 5 D/Stones in this time as well. I used mine on Rune Rocks & Bane ore. Now saving bones for next scrimshaw scroll, once I've completed the Armour sets (only Death Lotus Chaps to go).
  3. I assume you are protecting from mage & not range as per OP, as this will make a difference to how long you survive down there. Apart from that, agree with above posters that you need to upgrade weapons & ammo.
  4. Don't they attack with Mage?
  5. TheLad1


    Hmmm, now if only I could sell you 1 !!
  6. Have you unlocked Pauline's 1st Spell at Livid farm?
  7. 2007 Clue rewards seem so much better than EOC's
  8. Partial success on Shambling Lair mission, 1st Crew re-roll = Oxhead :) Now to get lots of steel to improve rest of crew.
  9. Shambling Lair voyage sent out at 67% - now just the 13 hour wait !
  10. Finally, a 10k Captain that comes with Decent Traits, particularly the Seafaring. The last one I got came with 3 Negatives !! Now biding my time to get a decent 4th trait (Seafriend would be handy :) )
  11. ^ Good call, thanks. Scroll it is then.
  12. Oh Jagex, why do you tease me so.... I'm 1 scroll off completing the Seasinger set, but haven't seen a Chi mission for ages, hence I'm stuck on 15. Now, do I complete the scrolls, or go for the Chi ?
  13. If you really want to you can do the 'log out' trick at the end of each lap & this effectively allows you to do unlimited laps on 1/2 pie (even if you fail you can complete lap in under 1 minute).
  14. Tada! http://services.rune.../en/Demon_Raids Maps of all the locations. Thanks :)
  15. Any idea on where exactly the Wildie Demon hoards are - 'East of the Wilderness Altar', I've looked everywhere i can think of
  16. Excellent for distance I didn't think you could do the voyages if you already had max traits? My bad it that's not the case. I guess the message about increased chance of failing still means you can do the voyage & not get the trait.
  17. Is anyone else getting fed up with receiving Trait voyages when all of my captains already have 4 traits? In the last 2 days I have had 4 Trait voyages. Waste of voyages !!
  18. Hmm, that's probably why I've only been getting 1 random per day for a while. Lucky I didn't bother getting the Soothsayer.
  19. Would you recommend getting a Sacrificial Soothsayer to use on my 3rd ship's voyages, normally Arc or Skull ones? The ship stats alone mean I can stick any old crew on there & always have 100% success. I've got plenty of Jade so the cost isn't an issue.
  20. I'm using both Glory & ROW in the hope that this make a positive difference. Had 7 Diamonds, 14 Saphires, 6 Emeralds & No rubies Make sure you don't skew your data. Diamonds received from glory/row are noted in the game chat (something to the effect of: "You just found a Diamond!") while Diamonds from the Gem-finding scrimshaw (and Dragonstone and Onyx) aren't reported in any form and just randomly appear. It might also be better to use Bane Ore as they're both high-leveled and have a fast cutting rate. Might be good to use a rune rock and keep hopping worlds with the Join function, just make sure you don't get reported for being a bot. -- E: Just checked my port to find the Missionary and Occultist turned up together. --- I approve of this shipping :thumbup: (geddit) Yeah, I was hopping Rune Rocks at Dark Beast Temple (much fewer bots there), but at times they were taking far too long to mine, so I went & did Bane ore for a while. Much quicker, but still only got Diamonds :( 2 Hours left on Scrimshaw.
  21. I'm using both Glory & ROW in the hope that this make a positive difference. Had 7 Diamonds, 14 Saphires, 6 Emeralds & No rubies
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