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  1. Grats, got my title last week. Still struggle to comprehend how the winners get in xs 1k clues per week. I think I was a little luckier than you with my clue rewards - managed to get the usual gear + one of the new Suitcases.
  2. It's more the fact that average time of 7.92 mins per clue is based on the assumption that the player is actually playing 24/7 with no breaks at all.
  3. Yes, I may be old but I'm not that bad !!!
  4. Elites tend to take me anywhere between 5 mins & 15 mins - there is so much variety in the stages of the clue that you can get some real time consuming parts (Elf Land or Chaos tunnel scans being the worst), or can get really lucky & get puzzles & celtic knots.
  5. As a player who completes Elite & Hard Clue scrolls (nothing I kill generates anything less than these) I've been thinking about the basis of how the current Seasonal Event high scores are calculated. Is it really 'fair' that an Easy Clue is attributed with the same value as a Med / Hard & Elite. My suggestion would be for the following to apply: Easy = 1 point Med = 3 points Hard = 5 points Elite = 10 points This structure would provide some form of recompense for the additional a) time taken to get the clue & b) time taken to complete the clue (actual clue rewards are considered irrelevant in respect of gp gained from the different levels of clues). At the moment, it would appear only 'account sharing' Easy Clue farming 'players' are in with a chance of the title let alone Number 1 rank - (66 Hours into this 'week' & leader already has completed 500 clues i.e 1 clue completed every 7.92 minutes!!!) Any thoughts or further ideas for discussion.
  6. & they still haven't fixed the log-in glitch. God how I love having to go to Control, click RS3 & then back again, just to get my screen to appear how it should - makes Qh'ing a pain.
  7. How silly of me, I though Treasure Trail rewards were supposed to be 'better' !!
  8. I don't think it has been nerfed - i just got 50 from the normal rock & 25 from resource dung.
  9. Both recipes and implings are common from the maw. The maw will always give you the lowest impling you've yet to catch. So yeah, assuming you are slowly doing moss anyway, there is no particular need to rush those things. I got my last impling (crystal) from the maw today, for example. Still 12 draws from the maw with zero recipes :( I got Kingly from Maw today however I only need Crystal Imp, so won't always give you the lowest imp you need.
  10. Maybe they ought to think about fixing the South facing log in bug - fed up with running the wrong way everytime I tele into Elf land ! Can't be that difficult :)
  11. Thanks for the tips - I stupidly cut my tree down in 1st week !! & have been trying (on & off) for an impling since then in the hope of another seed drop.
  12. Gratz, saw you in Sinks earlier. Now go do what I can't & finish Livid !!!
  13. Always good to see that my graphics get screwed after an update. The only way I can seem to fix is to go to Settings, Controls & click between Classic View & RS3 (I play in Classic). This may not seem much of a pain, but means I cannot quick hop worlds, when in combat areas as I get logged back in with messed up graphics.
  14. Same as me - or in my case 516k Summonging Xp :)
  15. So they are valuing Silverhawks (admittedly uncharged) at 1/4 the price of a crappy emote that you will never use. Hmmm, let me think about that....................................................
  16. You get 3 sets & I get F. ALL. As you say shit system - gf 20 tokens over past 2 weeks & then you see nubs walking round with godsword & armour - life just ain't fair :)
  17. Exactly this - respawn rates are so much faster that you will never be waiting for a Smoke or Shadow to kill.
  18. If you're using Soul Split (or Smite) against another player, it drains their prayer points faster now, I believe. The rate of your pp drain while using those prayers is unchanged. Thanks - wasn't certain if i was reading it correctly.
  19. I assume I just need to train a skill that I already have 200m XP in just to get a shard, whilst not actually generating any Xp? & does Soul Split drain prayer points faster or slower now?
  20. Same & it's stopping me qh'ing as I can't change screen when I re-log into combat areas
  21. I'm looking forward to the new slayer master & being able to extend certain tasks. 200m here I come :)
  22. I definitely be up for a Vorago trip - never made it to the end, so I'm a noob as well. PM is always on if anything gets organised, let me know
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