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  1. W48 now a breeding ground for TIF'ers. Saru with his pet bear :)
  2. Come on Ports Update - I now need to use some Trade Goods for something I don't need or want !!
  3. My mate lives in West India Quay, which is just around the corner so I'll probably come along this year, although will depend on how my they try & rook me for the ticket.
  4. Whoa - your tech-speak is going way over my head ... :lol: Same issue for me, 1 second it's there & then gone :( I'm chopping Ivy at moment, using Tree Shaking Scrimshaw & the sound is vital for hearing all the nests drop & implings appear. So frustrating............
  5. Now just waiting for forthcoming Ports update........
  6. How to turn 1,906gp into 1,863,990gp with minimal risk. Boat missed now, so no need to try :)
  7. Does that mean the name ' Shady Beaver' is going to become available in the very near future - I quite like that name !!!
  8. The bit I don't understand yet is the part about killing for the resources. I assume what they collected will drop & then I have to decide if those supplies are what I'm looking for. if I pick up by mistake, will that count as part of my 75 daily allowance even if i re-drop & don't hand in?
  9. Either that Tort is speeding round the corner or something has gone wrong !!
  10. Poor old Jellycake :( Who's going to run anti-pk for warbands now !!
  11. Stumbled upon this little money maker by accident - had the Mahogany Toy Box daily & was quicker to drop in house & buy from GE as opposed to banking them. Will take a couple of days to complete the sale, but if you are low level & struggle to make cash you can benefit from our laziness !!
  12. I picked up & dropped, although 2 were from same kill - 1 from Graar & 1 minion
  13. Hmmmm, now which one to take............ If only he was more generous with proper drops :(
  14. I've never known Arma to be so tight with her drops. Still was good laugh, mainly at my expense when I home tele'd with a misclick & needed to get KC all over again :(
  15. I've somehow dropped off the list, can I get a re-add The Lad1
  16. New Duel Arena Location is shown here - where I am standing Do Not choose obstacles.
  17. Same here, but there's 30+ people my age applying for jobs as well, along with people who live in Cambridge for university etc... :wall: That's the main problem people have when they live in University towns, regrettably there tends to be an abundance of 'students' trying to get the same type of work that Ambler is potentially looking for. The competition for the available employment is therefore fierce & as such not as easy as people make out. Anyway, back on topic - Ambler get a job !!!!!
  18. I can't even get in so no worries with me breaching any NDA :)
  19. I did this with my Tetsu helm - the top & legs were made Superior & then the default 'make' changed to 'Tradeable' & I didn't notice. My Bad :(
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