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  1. In the immortal words from the Pantomime " He's behind you !!! "
  2. I'm 4 hours killing them now. 2 pieces of Demon Slayer gear, 2 Onyx, Elite Clue & 1 Effigy. No Title !!!!!
  3. gem bag upgrade looks handy - especially at abby's
  4. You should change your name to 'Lucky Ambler' - would be more apt given your recent posts !!
  5. A word of warning: Celestial Dragon tasks obtained through Slayer VIP Tokens still are not working, despite what Mod Hunter advised on the Forums QFC 15-16-330-65349041 My task is still bugged & not getting kills or XP from killing them, which also means I have no chance of a glove drop as 'system' doesn't recognise this as a 'task' !!
  6. Really enjoyed it - was surprised when I got up this morning & the event was still going so joined in for some Nex & KK. Looking forward to next time :)
  7. I'm going to try & come to my first event for ages. Should be fun.
  8. If that makes you very sad, what about me then !!! All I wanted was to complete the Dragonrider set & I'm still dry, despite now having 4 Visage's. :(
  9. I've just got to Shield as well, so would be interested to know the suggested Captain options as well. I would assume you train 1 at a time to say level 7 to avoid losing a lot of experience. At this rate, I may need to start farming Chimes !!
  10. If you need Frags, convoys are the way to go. Find a low populated world (not hard now days!!) & you should be able to take down a whole convoy on your own - I've been getting an average of 500 Frags per day doing this.
  11. I had 10 Plate for 1k Steel each yesterday, which was a no-brainer considering I'm now sitting on 363k of the damn stuff !
  12. I don't know if it's just my end, but I can't log in via the Client & can do nothing on www.runescape.com. Anyone else experiencing these problems?
  13. Anyone else having the problem when trying to join in a Battle or Skirmish. Every time I click on a Bandos NPC I lose connection - can do anything else in game, so this is the trigger for a DC. Great programming Jagex :)
  14. Would think the only way they could trace who 'lost out' is by ascertaining who actually paid for the spins, as opposed to getting the Fallen Stars from the usual 3 spins I bought spins during the fallen star deal and never ran into not being able to claim exp from them (claimed close to 250 k bonus exp by the time it was done plus 4 pieces of the outfit). I just logged in and have no additional spins. This is the first i've heard of people having issues claiming their exp. It was a Bug at the very start whereby you only got awarded the Bonus Xp from the 1st Fallen Star, any others you 'claimed' after that gave you no bonus Xp. Jagex were fully aware at a very early stage that this had happened but took most of the day to implement a fix, hence people who didn't read RSOF or were advised by friends merrily clicked away on the stars but received no bonus XP.
  15. Would think the only way they could trace who 'lost out' is by ascertaining who actually paid for the spins, as opposed to getting the Fallen Stars from the usual 3 spins
  16. Some of you may recall the recent issue Jagex had with Fallen Stars & the fact after you 'claimed' the xp on the 1st star, any further stars provided no Xp. Due to the fact I need as much help getting my Divination Xp I purchased some Spins (flame away!!) to get the Div outfit, this also netted me some Fallen Stars. Stupidly, not realising there was I problem I used 3 of the Fallen Stars & obviously only got the Bonus Xp on 1st one. Obviously this caused many a rant on RSOF about missing Xp etc !! I'll give Jagex some real credit here, I've just logged in to find I now have 60 spins on my account. 1st though was I'd been hacked & someone had used my info to purchase spins. I decided to check my Messages & found the following message: Hi there, We just wanted to get in touch with you regarding the recent problems you encountered with the Fallen Stars you attempted to redeem from the Squeal of Fortune, and we really appreciate your patience in this matter. We're happy to say we've now managed to correct the problem - so no future incidences should occur that affect players such as yourself with Fallen Stars. We do understand you may have missed out on a number of spins as a result of this issue. Therefore, we will be crediting your account with some additional free spins as a gesture of goodwill to make up for any losses you experienced. Happy spinning - though should you have any further issues, or any other queries please don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly by emailing us at [email protected] Kind regards, Jagex Customer Support Now I never complained to anyone, so I'm really chuffed with the outcome here. Given I only 'lost' 2 Fallen Stars I think 60 spins is a decent form of compensation. Anyone else get the message, if so, how many Spins did you get?
  17. My Bad !!!!!! No wonder I haven't been able to do it - all those damn dungeons this week !!!!! Maybe I need to learn to read again !! At least I got the xp & actually started to enjoy dung again :) Thanks for your speedy help - you've saved me so much time & frustration
  18. Does anyone know if potting to make & use the Portent works in Dung, this is the only one I need to complete task set. Managed to pot to collect Brilliant Wisps & found a door I couldn't open (in the same dung which is a rarity itself!!), however, portent was used & I didn't get credit for completing task. It was in Hard Mode if that makes a difference. I'm hoping that potting will work in normal Dung, otherwise it's back to grinding Div again :(
  19. Nicely described. WB1 is a very good place to start, if you are 2400+ then you can join 'High Lvl WB' friends chat, which has access to 4 worlds, enabling most people to get 75/75 very quickly. The only problem we now have since Divination is more people qualify to join & as such chat is becoming more popular (bring on 2500+ worlds !!). If you are just looking for mining, you may have to miss several camps before looting.
  20. Q. Why can't F2P have: A. Maybe F2P should have a monthly cost for playing the game, that way all of your desires would be met at the drop of a hat. :)
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