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  1. With the recent 'unlimitted' shop update & the problems this caused with bulk purchasing of certain items I notice that the Warriors Guild is now selling potatoes again - But at 420 gp each now!! Increased from an average price of 9gp before update. I used to get the vast majority of my 'training' food from here, because it was very good value. I would be happy for Jagex to return to limiting stcoks & 're-adjusting' prices again. In my mind unlimmited stcok is not always a good thing. Anyone else agree with this thought?
  2. I've decided to Burthorpe the Ranger tasks in future. The problem with them is they do hit high & also they don't attack much else (unless its another player who's not wearing a holy symbol etc). Warriors are better because they will attack other monsters & you can easily kill them without getting attacked. The warrior drops are better than Rangers. I find the warriors are a good source of lvl 3 clues - which can make them worth doing for that reason alone.
  3. This is beyond a joke now. I can do anything with my useless 'spare' player, but can't finish my Lvl 3 clue that i was doing on my main. At least I was only half way to wildie!! I do sympathise with anyone in GWD - especially with those type of item set ups - could get very costly :ohnoes:
  4. About 20 minutes ago I was on world 44 but not actually playing at time. When I went to re-log in I kept getting the above message. Since then, I've re-booted my PC & still no joy. I've logged on with my other player without any problem. Am I being hacked at this very moment, or have the Jagex servers prevented me from playing tonight? :ohnoes:
  5. Yay, 44 kills in & i finally got a clue scroll !! :thumbsup:
  6. Next task - 196 Spiritual Rangers. Lets see how I get on this time. :pray:
  7. No I checked my Bank in case I had one lurking - nothing there!! Just think I'm unlucky!!
  8. I got D Legs from a slayer task of 21 Iron Dragons - was well chuffed when i saw the red things on the floor!! \
  9. My last 4 slayer tasks have been:- 168 Cockatrice 116 Blue Dragons 142 Daganoths 164 Jellies I haven't got 1 clue scroll from these kills :cry: , a few months ago I'd have got at least 3. Is it just me?
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