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GWD New and Updated Items


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Thought I'd take it upon myself to make this thread since I didn't see any others...


(Intended as a single contribution thread for everyone to use, and I hope I am within my limits doing that as a normal TIF'er)




Zamorak Hilt








Zamorak Godsword














That's all from me as I do not own a lot of stuff that got updated

Noob days = Good times, but sadly no more...


Quest Cape first obtained 1/13/2011
[spoiler=Total Barrow Pieces Looted:]

Ahrim's: Hood, Robetop x3, Robeskirt, Staff

Akrisae's: Hood

Karil's: Coif x3, Top x2, Skirt, Crossbow x2

Dharok's: Helm, Body, Platelegs x2

Guthan's: Helm, Skirt

Torag's: Platebody, Platelegs

Verac's: Helm x3, Body, Skirt, Flail

Double Barrow Item Chests: 1

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Hi there,


Thanks for the submissions, I've gone ahead and replaced the relevant images with the new ones and credited you for them :) I'll leave this topic open for any of the other items people might have.


"Unfortunately, the real world isn't the same as a fairy tale."

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Closing this, if anyone has any more information on the New or Updated Gwd items please feel free to make a new topic :)




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