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I am 82 farming boosting to 85 to plant Torstol and have yet to receive any seeds back from dead herbs. I thought this may be because when I clear the dead herbs I don't bother boosting my farming level therefore it is not high enough to plant torstol and I was wondering if this had any effect on the topic title.



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I don't think it should have any effect. Keep in mind that you can get seeds back from finish harvesting a patch too. How many seeds have you planted without a seed back? Herb seeds back is around 1/10 seeds. You can also get seeds back of a different kind as well.


Not sure if torstols are worth it at your level right now, especially since it doesn't sound like you have remote farm either.


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Interesting idea, I doubt any testing has actually been done on that. But what I can say is from my data of tier 3 green fingers that the death rate is ~11.82% for the four patches that can die and seeds back is 9.64%. With this you only have a 1.13% chance of getting a seed back from a dead patch. The majority of your seeds back come from living patches.


Based on this I'd assume you just unlucky. Over the course of the ~560 herb runs I've logged I have had maybe 10 seeds back from dead patches.

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