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What to buy

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I came back today after a considerable break. I feel like I don't remember anything about this game. I have not been paying attention to the updates and so forth.

What would be the best combat equipment would be the best to buy now?

A few alternatives in different price ranges would be nice.

I have about 400m, but obviously, I don't want to spend all of it.

For weapons I have a CLS and rapier as of now.. Special weapons etc I should buy?

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Helm of neitzinot, bandos chest, bandos tasset, fury, dragon boots, dragon defender, berserker ring, rapier, soul wars cape/fire cape. :P.

Could alternate fury for a whisper (20M ish), and dragon boots for steadfasts (~50M).
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When you get back into the game more try getting a tokhaar kal, its not that difficult if you watch smokey1992's welfare gear 60-99 defense guide

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