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  1. Hey. I came back today after a considerable break. I feel like I don't remember anything about this game. I have not been paying attention to the updates and so forth. What would be the best combat equipment would be the best to buy now? A few alternatives in different price ranges would be nice. I have about 400m, but obviously, I don't want to spend all of it. For weapons I have a CLS and rapier as of now.. Special weapons etc I should buy?
  2. Just thought I'd announce my break. This guide will not get updated in quite some while.
  3. Oslo is the most expensive city in the world.. So yea :P
  4. Last Active: Aug 29 2010 11:53 PM Dat be Outsanity. Author of this skill
  5. Well, if you have turmoil and CLS, their defence really is np at all :P
  6. Hey, thanks for feedback :) Yes, CLS is definitely the best weapon to use there. As for EEE, I use void and take a bit more damage than you'd do in bandos. But void is still faster kills. I've tried a lot of different combos and found that void, CLS and EEE as spec weapon works best for me. I'm sure you could easily make it work with Korasi's, but I'm not really sure how much it would increase KPH. Don't really have time to play at the moment so I'd have to test it later some time.
  7. Well, she is definitely locked up by now. I've never seen her :P
  8. Hahahhahhaa, whatwhatwhat? :P I don't know what they put in your coffee when you were here, but. You mean by the big statue of the viking? :P
  9. Yea. Trondheim in Norway. And yay, at least you know where it is. And you've even been here :o I live and study here, so was just wondering if there were anyone else that were as well :P
  10. Just wondering if anyone on here is studying in Trondheim :o
  11. Unless you're in a hurry, you could buy battlestaffs from the GE and do it over time. You can buy 600 from ge + how ever many you can buy from Zaff each day. This really adds up. Also, make sure to do you assists (at 90 you can boost to 93) every day. If you just want it fast, then I guess green or blue d'hide bodies is an option. Green aren't too much more expensive than air staffs atm. Black d'hide bodies cost almost 4 times as much per xp compared to greens/air staffs.
  12. Thanks Edit: Does the lrc deposits provide gems?
  13. I know world 84 is the official world. Any world less populated than that? (but still with people mining there..)
  14. Lava flow is like... extremely afk'able. Wouldn't call it a grind. I did 10 levels there without really noticing. Multi-tasking ftw.
  15. Runecrafting is maybe 600k per hour at best.. Not really any good for money. Get 85 dg and do frost dragons? Idk how much per hour that is now with the bots and the low prices of bones. But should be easily more than runecrafting..
  16. With your stats.. Make some money, get turmoil and overloads. Boss hunt.
  17. Need advice on the hunter part of this. I despise hunter..
  18. Hey, and welcome. With those stats, waterfiends would probably be better charms at least.. :)
  19. Food for slayer? If I ever need food for a slayer task I withdraw some from my monkfish stack. It doesn't really happen though.. Food needed for task --> food that lets you do 1 trip instead of 2 trips to preferred..
  20. Gordon Ramsey tribute in Runescape plox? :P (cooking part obviously..)
  21. Did your luck leave you after that incredible streak of a visage ++? :P
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