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  1. I just got the gold nymph twice in one minute. Chest, then I had the ability to choose between getting my pickaxe gilded and "getting some advice on mining". I missed the 2500 xp drop-down in the XP-counter unfortunately.. But here is a screenshot of what it sais when you choose the XP-reward over getting a pickaxe gilded:
  2. [spoiler=My Eggs] Yeah, I was thinking 96 ->99 prayer and 96 -> 99 herblore aswell. Been wanting 99 in both of those for a while, and now seems like a good time to do so. I actually like looking at staking pics, you, Yy, and Wicked have all kind of inspired me (mostly Yy as I knew him before he joined TIF). Have some more inspiration, just won this after losing a 20M to the guy: 427M cash now. Tempted to buy 3 santas or something like that and go finish off that last slayer level. Lately though I just can't get into doing slayer, I just go start doin a task, then I get to thinking about the stakes I could be doing and next thing you know, my ineventory goes from a slayer set up to a cash pile and dueling ring. I think that's called an addiction? Do you box or rapier stake? Rapier. I used to box, but doing that I got cleaned when my bank was about 20M. And boxing fights take so much longer than rapier fights, I like the fast paced staking that you get from rapier (aside from standing outside saying "rap 10-50M" over and over again until someone finally comes along, then you have to try time after time to get into the arena because too many people are in there already). I'm sure you've been asked before, but what world are you using? I'm tempted to try staking a bit, but I don't think my stats are very good for it :P
  3. You might want to mention how much xp increase the pieces provide on their own (as some people will use at LRC without the chest etc) and that instead of gilding a pickaxe you can choose an xp reward. I THINK the xp reward is 2500 xp, but I'm not 100% sure of this. You can choose xp after getting the full set at least :)
  4. Seems like a lot of sense in this. Hope they come through with it
  5. Why not the gloves? Only curious. And it seems as you get it in a specific order: boots -> gloves -> helmet -> legs -> chest Goldsmithing gauntlets. Ah. That only applies to superheating, but I guess that is what the top players do, so :P
  6. Why not the gloves? Only curious. And it seems as you get it in a specific order: boots -> gloves -> helmet -> legs -> chest
  7. What was the value after opening? And what's that crown? :) Royal crown
  8. So has anyone tested if it is faster to mine at say, 60%? Or is it the same speed?
  9. I belive you stop burning rocktails at 95 with cooking gauntlets.
  10. The spec is the only good part of dragon claws and is the only thing they are used for. The spec drains 50% of the spec bar and is an attack that deals damage 4 times. The formula is something like 100% + 50% + 50% +25% (not 100% sure). Which means the first damage dealt from spec is full damage, the two following are half damage and the last is a quarter of the initial damage. They are roughly 20m, and as I said - they're only used for the spec. So consider upgrading armor / amulet etc before buying claws
  11. Derpers gonna derp. It always makes me lol when I see kids ranging/fire bolting metal dragons, too. Why does this make you lol? They can be semi-afked, for decent xp, charms, and money. Gotta start somewhere... Sure, with other dragons I can agree. It would take him around 100 casts to get one kill at wyverns though..
  12. Because I need crimsons, it's (USUALLY) empty, and I like it better than WF's..
  13. So I killed 15-20 in the time this guy killed one... And he ruined my spawns and refused to hop even though I'd been there for alooong while before him -.-
  14. If you have scroll of cleansing you might want to make the unf potions yourself though.. I guess it depends how you value your time/xp
  15. For extremes you'd be better off buying the super potions
  16. Someone get a vid of the trimmed one. Pretty please
  17. Varrock plate is a bigger boost in experience. Than the new set? Still people that don't mine alot might want to get it? Besides, it's the hype of a new update that creates the initial demand when the update is launched. They might go high for a couple of hours after update release and then go back..
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