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  1. While I do not support this, I think that if he is ever released, someone will kill him..
  2. Bonus Exp Weekend* Summoning will most likely be 1.1x multiplier the whole weekend again anyway. Would Suomprefer to work on something like Herblore and/or other buyables like last time? Depending on if he wants to wait till he has all charms for 200m before using them. Although hopefully he can post here himself and let us know :D Probably does the first 10 hrs Herblroe and then moves on Summoning for the rest of weekend. I was thinking the same thing at first but now that I think more about it, it might be better to do herblore the whole weekend. Since he plans on doing crawlers for 200m rc, that might or might not (not sure of the charm rates myself) give him more than enough charms for summoning. So let's just say if it's more than enough for 200m rc, now would the 1.1 multiplier after the 10 hours save more money on using the charms for summoning (by saving ingredients) or by the 'free' herblore xp. Lol this might be interesting for a lot of the top 15 actually, since some of them do 200m slayer by power slaying so they might have a 1:1 ratio and not need the multiplier for summoning either? It's stupid to do herblore anymore than the first 5 hours on bonus xp weekend since money is a problem for him. He'd be spending 50%-100% more per potion but only getting like 40% xp bonus after 5 hours. I'm personally doing Some herblore at the beginning then doing cooking and summoning for the rest of it. I know grapes don't go up much on bonus xp weekend. If you're smart you've done your investments on before hand.
  3. Well, he didn't. I don't know what media in other countries say, but I damn well know Norwegian media is more correct in this case than other countries' media.
  4. He legally had a shotgun registered to him, but this was not used in the attack..
  5. He had a pistol and an assault rifle, no shotgun. But apart from that you are correct..
  6. This man obviously has a very disturbed opinion on how the world should be. I have personally read a lot of his manuscript in order to try and understand why he did this. The only thing I understand, is that this truly makes sence in his head.. The level of detail on how to obtain anything from the bomb materials to weapons and armor is nothing but scary. It is basically a guide on how to do stuff like this. And it is written in a way that it sometimes reminds me of guides for computer games..
  7. As some may know, I'm from Norway. Today, Norway witnessed its greatest tragedy since WW2. 15.26 local time a powerful bomb went off in the center of Oslo, our capital. The bomb was detonated right next to where the Prime minister and the rest of the goverment works on a daily basis. The blast killed about 10 people and injured an unknown number. Later this evening, the same person responsible for the bomb made his way into a political summer camp for youth, dressed as a police officer. Here, he shot and killed over 80 young politicians (age 13-25). His name is Anders Behring Breivik. He is a native Norwegian, age 32. [spoiler=Contains dramatic photos]
  8. Curious.. Why not just buy in the ge?
  9. You sure you didn't eat one of those fruits you get from the Jadinkos as a drop? Because if you eat those fruits and eat normal food afterwards,your health goes above your cap. Titan scrolls DO boost your lifepoints over max. If you use a scroll at max, it boosts to 80 over max.
  10. It sounds like you should only be able to kill them on task.. Drop rate seems decent and it was at least as crowded as when dragon defenders came out.. Of course they will crash.
  11. Impossible to say before I've seen how good the new whip is, but I somehow doubt it seeing the stat increase it got. Would have to get a hell of a spec.
  12. [/hide] Was nice of you to come over from abby demons just to see me. :razz: Dat troll, Joof ;P And bragging about it in cc;p
  13. Haha, I got like 34k xp per hour and I find it rather good :)
  14. Just because I didn't tip off others before, it doesn't mean that they didn't buy that cheap before.. This was an opportunity, I never stated it was anything else. And I shared it with people. That's it. The only thing I know about this crash, is that someone unloaded a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge stack of red dragon leather and red dragonhide into the market, and kept dumping them. That is what kept the price so low. I never intended on crafting, my intention was to make money. But some people might have wanted to do crafting. Be it a couple of cheap levels or 99 crafting - If you found out about this when I did(and probably a lot of other people), and did your math, you could EASILY have banked 99 crafting for a cheaper coin than red or blue dragonhides would cost you.
  15. Wow, nice :D Edit: Updated gear section, and 2 new pictures. I'll get around to putting in my new cannon placement asap.. Although I'm not entirely sure which spot Quyneax is talking about :o
  16. Magic prayer is pointless there as far as I know.. I've stopped using defensive prayers at all.. Turmoil does the job for me.
  17. I like grimy's spreadsheets, but if you read the original post of this thread you would know that they would lie in this case, as the red leathers bought several hundred coins under guide. Which the spreadsheets are unable to take account for as they go off guide prices.. The current guide prices are accurate enough to best compare training methods. As there are no real crashes, the guide price will always be the best approximation for the real price, better than any estimate a player can come up with buying a relatively small portion of the supply. It's likely, as the prices adjust, the price of red and green leather will be corrected in time. You're failing to see the whole purpose of the thread. Red was buying far under = opportunity for cheap and fast crafting or some moneymaking. And you could easily have bought 99 crafting in the time these have been very cheap(which has been several days). Stop trolling.
  18. I like grimy's spreadsheets, but if you read the original post of this thread you would know that they would lie in this case, as the red leathers bought several hundred coins under guide. Which the spreadsheets are unable to take account for as they go off guide prices..
  19. Red dragonhide body: 234 xp for crafting. To find out gp / xp(as I cba to calculate it all the time) you buy a red dragon leather, take the price times 3(3 required for a body). Then you take that number, substract the price of a red d'hide body on the ge. Now, divide the number you got by 234..
  20. I've made my share off money on these, several times both before and after posting them ;)
  21. You are the luckiest son of a [bleep] I've ever seen :P
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