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Hey everyone welcome to my Runescape skilling blog! I'm going to keep a record of all my progress/levels/tasks here.

I'm not a high level, same goes for my total but I'd rather skill than do combat. My least Favorite skill would be slayer as I have to use combat and I'm not very good at it, however my favorite would have to be either Runecrafting or Hunter.

[spoiler=Stats at the start of this thread]5pldti.jpg

[spoiler=About me]My name is Adam. I'm 18 from the United Kingdom, I started Runescape in late 2006. Over the years I've had many accounts ranging from different levels. However I have started to stick to one account as It's about time I maxed out.

A few goals
[spoiler=Key]Red = Not Started
Orange = Started/Working on
Green = Completed

Full Witchdoctor
Varrock Armour 4
Falador Shield 4

Inferno Adze
Ardougne Cloak 3
Full Agile - Top left to get
Gem Bag
Coal Bag
Scroll Of Life

[spoiler=Completionist Cape requirements]All skill levels at maximum 2132 / 2496
All quests completed 339/339
All tasks completed 427/573
All magic spells unlocked from Livid Farm. 1 Spell complete
Bones to Peaches unlocked from the Mage Training Arena.
Unlocked the Tune Bane Ore spell from a scroll in Ritual of the Mahjarrat.
Unlocked the Rapid Renewal prayer from Dungeoneering.
All Varrock Museum Kudos earned.
Unlocked use of the Abyss.
Unlocked all Music tracks 875/919
Laid the Goblin High Priests to rest.
Completed the Fight Kiln.
Obtained Tarn's Diary in The Lair of Tarn Razorlor.
Returned Clarence to rest.
Reached the end of the Stronghold of Player Safety.
Reached the end of the Stronghold of Security.
All 5 of the Fremennik Sagas 100% completed.
Hunted the Thalassus ten times after the Deadliest Catch quest.
Killed the Queen Black Dragon and obtained the first dragonkin journal.
You must have claimed a reward from Claus the chef for doing him a favour after completing Carnillean Rising.
You must have scored 1,111 in a session of Big Chinchompa Distraction and Diversion.
Completed all of Doric's and Boric's tasks following What's Mine is Yours.
Completed the Player-Owned Port tutorial.

[spoiler=Trimmed Completionist Cape requirements]4,000 Chompy kills.
Scabarite research completed.
Highest rune shop unlocked from Ali Morrisane.
All hot-air balloon travel routes unlocked.
Eagle transport routes fully unlocked.
Defeated the 4 sub-bosses in the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon after Smoking Kills.
Unlocked ability to craft all Slayer items and to deliver killing blows quicker.
Master White Knight rank obtained.
Flying broomstick unlocked. (Includes unlocking the teleport option & getting all magic XP)
Found all hidden treasure from Making History.
Achieved a score of 1,250+ in Conquest.
Unlocked the full power of the Ivandis flail and blisterwood weapons. 37/500
Finished 5,000 games of Castle Wars.
Unlocked maximum access to Mobilising Armies rewards. (401 Rank.)
Defeated all champions.
Achieved level 5 in each Barbarian Assault role.
Completed all court cases.
Completed 25 chimp ice deliveries.
Completed all Barbarian Training with Otto.
Found all barbarian notes in the Ancient Cavern.
Unlocked all rewards from the Artisans Workshop.
Obtained all circus clothing.
Completed the Dahmaroc statue in your player-owned house.
Unlocked the scroll of life ability.
Unlocked the scroll of cleansing ability.
Unlocked the scroll of efficiency ability.
Earned the Vyrelord/Vyrelady title after the Branches of Darkmeyer.
Made a Zaros symbol in Char's training cave.
Attain the highest Esteem rank possible (rank 1) from training in the Runespan.
Obtain Song from the Depths hidden rewards.
Obtain all the dragonkin journals by killing the Queen Black Dragon 2/4
Acquire a champion's tackle box from the Fish Flingers distraction and diversion.
Explore the Eastern Lands as far as the Pincers from your Player-Owned Port.
Complete the Hyu-Ji and Quin storylines from your Player-Owned Port.


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Welcome to the wonderful world of BlogScape! :)


Good luck with your goals. The bxp must be helping out a lot.



THE place for all free players to connect, hang out and talk about how awesome it is to be F2P.

So, Kaida is the real version of every fictional science-badass? That explains a lot, actually...

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Work on that Slayer! It's a piece of cake! :) Good luck! Lots of potential for a great blog here! Just don't fill it with bullshit like some of the ones here already..


Thanks alot! And I wont promise :P

Going to work on some Fishing and maybe a few quests later on today :D

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Two thumbs up for the use of spreadsheets. Nice start to the blog and grats on your second 99. I'll be following along.

Congratulations on 70 Mining - I'm currently struggling towards 61 via Stars. :razz:


Thank you both :)

Did a few quests today, Hand In the Sand, Watchtower and The Tower of Life. Also obtained the Ardougne Cloak I


Going to do some more quests today and hopefully get the Ardougne Cloak III tomorrow for the unlimited teleports to the herb patch :D

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I like your 70+ idea. That's very smart actually. Your Slayer makes me kind of sad/sick to my stomach. :(


I'll train it as soon as I log in :P



xcsx7c.png | 3gliP.jpg | 51y5tv.png  |  8mO5K.jpg

A Blog to Bathtubs for Beginners
Quest Cape | 99 Defence Achieved 11-Jul-2011 17:41 | 99 Prayer 11-Jul-2012 | 99 Constitution 02-Aug-2012

99 Attack 31/10/2012 | 99 Dungeoneering 31/10/2012 | 99 Strength 31/10/2012 | 99 Magic 2/12/2012

99 Range 16/12/2012 | 99 Herblore 25/12/2012 | 99 Summoning 4/1/2013 | 99 Firemaking 6/3/2013

99 Farming 10/4/2013 | 99 Slayer 11/7/2013 | 99 Fletching 21/8/2013  |  99 Smithing 22/8/2013 

99 Crafting 19/12/2013  |  99 Cooking 15/1/2014  |  99 Agility 25/1/2014  |  99 Thieving 01/02/2014

99 Construction 21/04/2014  |  99 Woodcutting 04/03/2014  |  99 Fishing 17/04/2014  |  99 Mining 23/07/2015

99 Divination 27/07/2015  |  99 Runecrafting 20/08/2015  |  99 Hunter 20/08/2015  | Maxed 20/08/2015

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Hey guys,


It's been along time since I last played RS. When they said the EoC was coming I kinda left. However after trying out the EoC and watching some youtube video's I have decided I will come back :D I'm still F2P and can't renew membership till Friday so I'm just planning on high alching for 92 magic (hopefully) for BloodFire Barrage (for zamorak GWD).


Here's a few pictures before my membership ended;






Got 68 Zammy kills in mystic and BloodFire Burst, got crashed by a guy with better stuff so I decided to leave.


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  • 1 month later...

Hey guys I'm back :D


Not updated in ages I keep forgetting but I wont this time, going to update this daily (well as soon as there's something to update.)


Here's a few pictures I've taken in the past month or so. I'm also adding the comp/trimmed requirements on the first page as I've done quite a few of those :)



















Some other stuff;


Unlocked Goliath and Swift gloves from dominion tower. 739 boss kills total.

Completed While Guthix Sleeps and ROTM, I'm now 300 QP

I'm now 99 Magic and Cooking.

186 Combat / 126m total experience

Got all skills 70 + (slayer is still my lowest at 70)

Most skills 80, just need herblore,slayer,construction

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