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The importance of training combat stats to 99


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Ever since the release of EoC, a lot of players have been saying that your accuracy, max hits and defence are strictly determined by the equipment you're using.


In simple terms, if the best weapon was to have a stat of 1000 damage and required 85 strength to use, would there be any point of training strength beyond 85 for the sole purpose of increasing the damage per hit? Are combat stats just for the purpose of being able to use better equipment or do they will maintain their effects before EoC?


Thanks in advance!

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Pretty safe bet that they're equally pointless, without taking into account future updates of course.

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stats themselves are pretty near useless.


This means if u brew down to lvl 0, the only difference ull see is the lack of abilities, rest is barely noticeable.




Boosted stats do have a signicant impact. Each boosted stat seems to increase dmg (presumly accuracy/def too) by like ~1-2% each. (similar to how mage boosts worked pre-eoc).

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