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  1. if u have portable internet it works too :P
  2. dagannoths is fast and cheap if u pick the helmets (warrior, farseer, archer, berserk).
  3. try doing some daily stuff like shop running, getting free daily items like flax, pess, pineapples, etc... if u done tasks and it can make you a quick 500k - 1m maybe which is a good way to start
  4. you could try using shield abilities to keep you alive and make good use of reflect to speed kills since they hit hard.
  5. lvl 6 overseer. takes rly ong to get seeing i use him all time.
  6. Barraging dagannoths in waterbirth is extremly fast and cheap charms. The helmet drops (farseer, archer, warrior, berserk, not the regular ones) can be alched/sold to cover most, if not all costs.
  7. Waterfiends and black dragons are very good xp for ranged.
  8. stats themselves are pretty near useless. This means if u brew down to lvl 0, the only difference ull see is the lack of abilities, rest is barely noticeable. BUT Boosted stats do have a signicant impact. Each boosted stat seems to increase dmg (presumly accuracy/def too) by like ~1-2% each. (similar to how mage boosts worked pre-eoc).
  9. Mr_G_W


    since 2007? i only have this since the recent graphic updates. first time it was on dat qbd quest.
  10. mmm... i might be 30-60 mins late, hopefully the event will go on for long so i can catch up with you. this promises to be a lot of fun ^_^
  11. looking forward to this! also is it ok on MD phases to gano + melee the whole thing?
  12. They boost by 5% now instead of 2.5%. Hidden update? not mentioned in patch notes, but somehwere on forums a jmod confirmed it. Mod Edit: And now, a copy&paste of the news update!
  13. Start at trollheim patch unless u got the Livid Farm spells. If you have the troll teleport then start at morytania patch (second slowest) The rest shouldnt take long since teleports take you really close there.
  14. I use on summon because its a useful, slow and expensive skill.
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