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Slayer help

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Hi everyone! I just got back into Scape when the Eoc came out and I made my goal getting a Chaotic, now I'm approaching that goal (76 DG) but I would like to do some slayer to break up all the DG and I had some questions. For melee tasks I'm planning on getting a CMaul for crush, I have a whip for slash and I'm trying to buy a Zammy spear on G.E. for stab. For armor i have Barrows equipment. For range I'm kind of lost since the rune xbow is kind of useless, I might get a crystal bow if thats a good option and armor wise I just have Royal d'hide. Mage is my big question because i bought Gano but now I'm worried that might be overkill for slayer and I think the SoL would be my best option for mage offense. I also have Void with the melee and range helms but id be willing to get the hood if its worth it. My levels are 56 slayer 74 Attack (I'm like 40k of 75) 70 str 75 def 70 pray 80 range and 60 pray. I do plan on doing smoking kills before anything else though

Thanks in advance!!


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No such thing as overkill in this game :D And besides, sooner or later there's going to be something to face that requires your current "overkill" equipment - so bottom line, keep the Gano (recharging it costs about the same as Barrows at any rate -ok apparently not lol)! The Staff of Light is a very good option as well


The Crystal Bow too, is quite good after the EoC, and a very good option for arrows, apart from the Zaryte Bow. Royal CBow or the Handcannon is a good option for Bolt styles too.


As for void, use it when you don't necessarily need the armor boosts and can get by with a healing familiar, if you have access, or the healing abilities. Thus far though, I have not used Void Mage at all.


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The recharge cost of Gano far surpasses that of Barrows recharge. The full set of gano recharge costs well over 2m per 10 hours, while barrows costs 660k per 10 hours max (this is assuming you dont use your PoH to repair barrows, so it will be lower than that if you do).


If you have Gano but not barrows, you are free to use Gano, but the cost will be higher eventually. If you have Barrows and Gano, use Barrows, slayer isn't that dangerous that warrants the use of Ganodermics.

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