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  1. I was always a bit of lurker on the forums, but active on the HYT in-game chat few years ago, with Lightning and the old crew <3 Hope everyone's been well! Been getting back into RS tiny bit by tiny bit, say hi in the SC chat!
  2. Glad to hear it went well! Sorry I couldn't make it but I look forward to future events!
  3. Got my invite earlier today and have a couple more keys to give out :) G8WZ-LAET-QGZR PY28-UVCZ-UJU9
  4. That's the Golem armour that was available from Treasure Hunter a little bit ago: "Equipping all pieces of the outfit increase the chance of mining ore and rocks by 7%, and removes aggression from living rock creatures. This chance increases when used in conjunction with quarrymaster auras." Also don't think you can get it anymore? :(
  5. With Obsidian armour to soak enemy's pew pew. Plus if you get all the helms, you get all the different pews! (Though not really needed)
  6. Keep in mind though, that I believe this was one of the Mod's first ever quests (think they mention that in a BTS). I'm about to start it, so I can't really judge it yet, but I'm just saying. (I get that that's not really an excuse though...)
  7. One of the more interesting parts of the recent news post:
  8. Sirenic armour spotted! (J/K - that's the Ceph, from Crysis) Seriously though, I want it :D
  9. Haha, you were in my game! I remember how badly we got over run too... :?
  10. The Fisher King (fairy code: BJR) work as well.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1mpLK5FhiA Heh, "Despite rumours of dwindling public funds..." Haha, and just noticed: "Saradomin shaves beard for charity; magically regrows back."
  12. ...I want that cape. And the armour...but mostly the cape xD Although what's with the fingers? Looks like a poor MS Paint job =/
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