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Defeating TokHaar-Hok (Brink of Extinction)

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All of my attempts to defeat the final boss in Brink of Extinction have been meet with failure. The farthest along I have gotten was to the point where the ranger has been killed and the 2 melee dudes are helping the boss. I got to the point where the boss was at half health but my food ran out.


My setup was:



Bandos Helm

Demon Horn Neckless

Skill Cape (t)


Bandos Chestplate

Blessed Spirit Shield

Bandos Tasset

Onyx (i)

Bandos Boots

Barrows Gloves


My Inventory was:

Overload Flask - Prayer Renewal Flask - Extreme Prayer Flask - Extreme Prayer Flask (EPF)


Rocktails all the way down for the rest


I found that Flasks of Sara brews weren't helpful because they took so many ticks to consume that all I was doing was healing and doing no attacking.


I would prioritize my abilites toward defense.


What can I change to beat this guy? I am willing to go bang out 200k tokens for a chaotic kiteshield if need be, but collecting the coins to get a divine would take me a a month probably. I rather not do that because the whole point of doing this quest is to get closer to a royal crossbow which I want to use for boss hunting.


Please Help :razz:


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Given the recent combat update, and how it buffed so many monsters, your best bet might just be ranting in the appropriate place on the RSOF about how this boss is too strong. Plenty of monsters became overpowered from the update on the 14th, and only some of them got fixed on the update on the 18th - none of which were quest monsters. Also, Jagex mentioned a review of quest bosses was in the cards.


Honestly, I gave up on the quest given that I can't even reach the final boss...

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Helms, boots and gloves don't give any accuracy penalties for using a different style while rebalancing defence, so one thing you could do is swap those out for magic-based variants.


Instead of getting a chaotic kiteshield, put those 200k tokens into a maul. With a 2handed weapon you will deal a lot more damage, meaning the fight will be shorter and you won't need as much food/prayer. If you pray protect/deflect melee Hok won't hit above 500, and as long as you avoid the lava tiles you shouldn't be in any danger of dying.


For healing you should use rocktails, and ability-wise you should focus on using your thresholds instead of building up for an ultimate.


Note: like Squab said, they recently buffed all monsters, so my post may be useless. Regardless, Good Luck!




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I already have a Cmaul, and I tried using it instead of the rapier and shield. While I did land more hits, the inability to use defense abilities resulted in me dying much sooner. Resonance, Preparation, Reflect, and Rejuvenate were able to keep my alive for a long time without eating food. I guess I can give it another shot with the Gano boots, head, and gloves.


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i did him with ice barrage, ganos, no ovls, used like7-8 rocktails, no problems. and u dont have to stun him that way

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Ice barrage is great because you don't have to watch the stuns, you can also freeze the meleers and evade them mostly. Magic armour also has higher melee defence than melee armour, and you can get cheap tier 75 equipment (gano) unlike you can for melee.


The most important thing is that you use Protect from Melee. It protects you (almost) entirely from Hoks attacks.

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Got it done with full bandos and cmaul. I think they fixed the bosses stats because it was suddenly super easy to take down.


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