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THE SILENT GUARDIANS - Wilderness Guardians non-PvP arm


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The Silent Guardians (1750+)


Hello and welcome!

Thank you for checking us out. I assume you are here because, like us, you too are looking for some people that want to participate in group events such as Dungeoneering and Bossing.

This is normally where I would recommend you to look no further, but please do. I'm pretty confident that you're going to come back to this page to give The Silent Guardians another look anyways, and this way you'll KNOW that you're making the right choice.

Why? Well, let's list what we have to offer...

It might sound ridiculous, but how about Free money? Free XP? Free Dungeoneering tokens?

It's true though. All it takes is for you to participate in our events. Think along the lines of Stealing Creations, Barbarian Assault, hunting for the rarer drops from Bossmonsters, or chilling in the Citadel (on its way to Tier 5, where we will aquire a Summoning and Crafting plot). With a bit of luck, you'll soon have everything you ever wanted to buy and more. We're also ready to accept you to be part of one of the oldest communities of RuneScape. Sure it's got its scars, but like our members once said:

"It has a lot of history, but it also has a lot of history."

We also offer you protection. By that we mean that you can always ask someone to accompany you to the Wilderness and cover your back while you do what you need to do, such as hunting for Penguins or defeating and looting a Warband.

And it'll be a tough job to NOT find a partner for whatever Bossmonster you want to defeat, minigame you want to play, or Dungeon you wish to explore. Social Slayer partners, a Trawler crew, or a Brewing buddy, they're all gathering up for you!

We do require a few things from you in return.

One of those is a total level of 1750 or higher. We set this so we know that the people joining us have some knowledge of RuneScape, as well as have a relatively rounded character.

Also, once applied and accepted, we'll need to gauge your activity. To this end we will first need you to attend 5 events over a 30-day period. After that you can graduate up to full member, and the requirements will drop down to an average of just event a week.

Mind you, this WHOLE time you can enjoy our clan to the fullest by being simply in the ClanChat!

There are also some technical options.
Idling on IRC, having Teamspeak available, and being forum active are all part of what it means to be a true Silent Guardian. We have these in order to make our events run all the better, and organize our trips properly, but they aren't necessary for you to have right off the bat.

Beyond the requirements, there are a few things that are expected of every member.

Treating one another with respect should be a given. Putting in your best efforts to not only better yourself, but the clan as a whole also goes without saying. And OBVIOUSLY we want you to have fun.

And to that end we hope to soon see people organize their own events, rise through the ranks, and perhaps even bring in new members themselves. As the saying goes; "A friend of a friend is my friend."

Well, it's a little bit different, but if you feel you can't leave your buddies in a different clan, me and my people are more than happy to come meet up with you guys and talk you through everything you all need to know about the Silent Guardians.

And if that doesn't convince you or them, we'd like to know why...
Because that means we're doing something wrong!

Our information:
In-game Clanchat: Wilderness Guardians
IRC chat: #wg_lobby on Swiftkit's IRC
Website: http://www.wildernessguardians.com/ -> [Non-PvP clan]

People you can contact:
Well ME of course! Post in this thread or PM me over these forums, or even find me in RuneScape itself! I'm Eventsmaster in all of the Wilderness Community, and am the second in command of the Silent Guardians ONLY to our leaders.

Other people you can contact in game:
Bassism - the leader of this clan.
Mojohaza1 - the hardest working person you'll ever find.
Rachellove9 - the friendliest person that any clan can grace.

Something else that you should know:
The Silent Guardians are a new arm of the Wilderness Guardians... It is active on the RS3 servers, but nothing prevents you to join our exploits on the 07 servers as well... It is both there and here that we uphold the highest honor in our Code of Conduct and Rules of Engagement of any clan, and it is the same one we've upheld for all 9 years of our existence since it started as a clan to protect people from PK-ers in the first place...


Here's the recruitment video (which directs to many more videos, should you opt to view them) for you to enjoy!


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Former Leader of The Tal Shiar Alliance - An Original Tip.it Clan
Member of the Wilderness Guardians and Founder of the Silent Guardians
Founder of The Conclave - A Tip.it Clan institution
Tip.it Times author (click for all my articles) - When I use the wrong reasons to make the right statement, argue the reason, not the statement.
MSSW4 General - Did we kick your ass too?

Check us out!
==> No seriously, if you like FREE GP, XP and Dung tokens, as well as Community, Opportunity and above all FUN... <==

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Hi there, I'm Bassism, the Leader of Silent Guardians.


If you're looking for somewhere to make the most of your Runescape experience, be that maximising exp gains, making GP, or just having the most fun, definitely check us out!


Silent Guardians, and our parent clan The Wilderness Guardians, pride ourselves on having one of the best, most welcoming, friendly and fun communities in the game, suitable for all ages, personalities and playstyles.

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Dear potential applicants,



I'm a former staff member of WG/SG that helped Ts Stormrage and Bassism establish this clan. Originally, the Silent Guardians was formed so WG could be a complete community. That is, having both warrers and non-PvPers in one clan, therefore making a 'more complete' clan. I intended for it to rocket into a megaclan; which would include warrers, pvmers, skillers, dungeoneer'ers, questers, and so the like in one grand place.


Make no mistake -- while it is an arm of the famous Wilderness Guardians clan, SG is not a sub-par affiliate or "sister" clan of WG. It shares the same well-renowned forums as WG (banner changes as you obtain an SG rank), in-game clan chat, and has its own website. The leading experience, clan world experience, prestige, and expertise accrued from years of existence all translates into SG. It is led under the same staff members that are both fierce fighters on the battlefield and noexpwaste skillers, which includes His Lordship, the longest reigning clan leader in RS history (since Dec 2003).


One of my core beliefs for the clan is that when our warrers aren't partaking in major battles or skirmishes (that happen a few times a week), they're playing the non-PvP aspects of the game. Which, by recent account of WG, was probably about most of their time spent on RS. You might ask, how is meshing PvPers and Non-PvPers together possible? That's the beauty of the SG...most skilling and non-PvP clans aren't renowned for warring, and SG is the only (as far as I know) place that offers not only a place, but a home for both fighters and skillers.


We've had our fair share of maxed/completionist players, combat trainers, citadel dwellers, PvM campers, clever merchanters, avid questers, casual chatters, or even the beginner player. Our provisional requirement of 1750 overall (70 skill average) ensures you'll join up experienced players and players that have journey and adventure ahead of them. SG has a lot to offer, not just something, and on behalf of all staff and members we would be humbled to accept you into our clan.


Thanks for your time, and happy 'scaping in whichever clan you choose.




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Check out our non-warring RS3 clan as well: http://wildernessguardians.com/SG

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Just an update -- we have reached Tier 5 citadel! Crafting plot coming up. We're also going to upgrade all our existing plots; wood, firemaking, mining, and smithing as well. All with an avatar that gives a permanent xp bonus to top it off.


As an incentive to join, we're offering avatar privileges to initiates that make it to full member. 


Check out our non-warring RS3 clan as well: http://wildernessguardians.com/SG

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