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DGSweeper - RuneScape 3


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That's the reason I do it. :P.


Though, as I said in my previous post, I'll be away for a while. I'm camping and am going to see some friends that I've not seen in so many years. I just found out that one of my best friends whom I've also not seen in years (but we've never gone a day without texting each other) will be there. So psyched!


Awesome news (for me):

Those who have followed or used DGSweeper from its days back on XP-Waste may know about my health situation. I'll sum it up if you haven't:

  • Tore my right ACL (knee) skiing.
  • Had the same surgeon repair it that did my left knee years prior.
  • Surgeon screwed up.
  • ~14 surgeries, 4 PICC lines to my heart, and 5 years passed. Couldn't even walk.
  • Went to a surgeon in Toronto who got me to walk with two more surgeries, though fused my leg.
  • Got the sexiest pink and purple cast you've ever seen (That's the position it's fused in).
  • (Now) One bone from my hip to my ankle. Literally no knee joint. Stuck straight.


Well, I searched for months for a lawyer to sue my original surgeon. None here in Windsor would sue him because the's 1 of the only 2 orthopedic surgeons in Windsor, and they always went to him for expert opinions for their cases.


A reason for my lack of activity on TIF, RuneScape, etc, compared to usual is that my deadline for filing a suit against my ex-surgeon is August 8th. So I've been extremely busy getting information, calling around, etc. Early this week I got a call from Samuel, my lawyer. We met. Safe to say, by the time I'm 26-27 (am 24 now), I'll have my house and car back, and a bare minimum of at least $650,000 to my name. The suit's been filed. :D. Been a good week.

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Congratulations on filing the suit :)

I did not know about the problem with your leg, does it hurt much?

At least you can now walk around on it again and actually do stuff yourself!

I hope you have loads of fun on your camping trip, how long will you be going for?

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After I started going to Toronto For my surgeries It Hasn't Hurt at all. It gets loose and sore From time to Time, but At Least I can Walk.


I Was planning to Be gone for a week Or so, but can Only stand my Judgemental family for so Long. Lol. I really only Came To see My Old camping girls, and I think they leave Monday Night. I don'T think our livers will Be Able to Handle Much more. Not 19 anymore. :/.


And my phone capitalizing every other Word Is Getting annoying. :-(.


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It's good that it doesnt hurt anymore :) and indeed, at least you can walk :)

So if I understand correctly, you're already gone on your camping trip? At least you can check the board and give us updates :)

So when will you be back?

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It was great! Ended up playing a lot more of the camping games and stayed up until about 7AM partying (only to wake back up at 10AM). Though, the next day I went out and spent time hanging out with the same people. And today I spent driving the kids around from 10AM until about 8-9PM. Tomorrow I think I'm going to a park event of some sort with the kids and my ma, so not sure when I'll be back. Turned into a busy couple of days. =/.


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Hi Stev,

Sounds like its going pretty well,

is there a possibility of having a temp version with only map capture features while all the fancy features for the people that use them are being worked on?

we need to do a floor soon :)


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ah, mine will still show up there.

I didnt know I could move that lol and if you release a temp basic DGSweeper, just add a note(or window) telling ppl that when they open the dungeoneering map in the game, it has to be in the centre of the screen.

That should make a lot of ppl happy who are waiting for at least some of the program to become available :)

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AutoHotkey handles the basics like drawing (since it simply uses GDI+), yeah.


GDI+ is just like painting on a canvas IRL. You need brushes in order to paint, or other bitmaps.


As for updating, when DGSweeper starts, it hits this URL:


If the SHA1 of the DGSweeper currently running, the resource.dll, or the main interface doesn't match the live version, it'll download the related file. It'll then check the file downloaded to make sure it is indeed the one intended.


Once it downloads an updated DGSweeper, it writes a batch file and exits the application. The batch file will delete the DGSweeper that wrote it, rename the file that was downloaded to what was just deleted, and then delete itself - since EXE can not delete themselves but BAT files can.

file.write("@echo off`n:delete`ndel """ a_scriptfullpath """`nif exist """ a_scriptfullpath """ goto delete`nren """ a_scriptdir "\" a_scriptname ".tmp"" """ a_scriptname """`n""" a_scriptfullpath """`ndel """ a_workingdir "\resource.bat""")
run,resource.bat,,hide useerrorlevel


I used VS to compile the C++ that is uses to machine code. AHK then uses it's own DllCall to call the functions in the machine code. When it searches the map, for example, for player markers, it searches through a large array of pixels for a match. AHK does this incredibly slowly - so that's where the C++ comes in. Anything used for analyzing the images is C++.




Today(night) I should have the time to get the new position of the map - so hopefully will have a temporary version out by tomorrow morning.


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A couple of quick notes from the work I've put into it today:

  • DGSweeper will require that you press your map button to search for the map. By default, in RuneScape, pressing M during a dungeon will open your map. This is for people with low-end video cards or CPUs.
  • The gatestones and keys will be moved to the right side. This will allow it's position to be anchored by the top-left as opposed to the top-right like it was. It will also allow me to easily add skills and other options and look better as most players kept it on the left.
  • If you've moved your central interface, you can keep your map open and ask DGSweeper to search for it's new position. This position will be saved until you move it again.
  • DGConnect will no longer be handled by the main interface (using JavaScript [jQuery]).
  • You will re-position DGSweeper with the yellow arrow in the top-left (see the sprite in the first post).


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Well guys, nothing is certain yet, but my limited time may be becoming even more limited. Though I have been putting a lot of work into it (have actually been home the past 2 days - with the exception of working today).


Today I was asked by a company I used to work for if I'd be interested in coming back. I loved working for them, and because this will be a new.. Branch?.. There'll be lots of room for advancements. They also pay for my post-secondary education, as well as pay me to take it. However, their hourly rate isn't as high as this next bit. I replied to them and they said they'd call me with the details tomorrow after 6PM.


I was also asked to send my resume to a machine shop here which pays a minimum of $9 more then the job in my last paragraph. Both are full benefits and full-time. I've never programmed in a machine shop, so I don't know how much I'll like it, while I know I love the other job. It's a toss-up, but if it comes down to it, I'll probably end up taking the first.


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They certainly have. :D.


Quickie IRL-blog-thing-a-majig:


People have noticed that I look healthier. Back in February something happened and I dropped from 170lbs-120lbs and went ghost-white because of the stress and heartache. But lately, after seeing my lawyers, my old friends, and spending a week or so away, it finally hit me that instead of sitting here in pity about what happened I should be making the best of it.


So I've got my tan back, put some (healthy) weight back on, and got the relationship with my friends and family back. I've spent so little time at my house that I've actually grown to dislike it when I'm here. Lol. But lately, I've been doing a lot more of this for a change:






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That's an awesome smile :) and you look great :)

You should put that pic as your av here on the board!

Glad to hear you're doing better, it all starts with a positive attitude!

I myself have been in a dark place, and instead of sitting there and letting it happen, I got up and made the changes I wanted and now I'm doing lots better :)

I'm still not where I want to be, but I'm working on it and making sure I smile at least once a day, even if only for myself :)

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