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  1. ye I would recommend going straight to ironman on osrs, its meta rn. too many main accounts have max and the games becoming easier and easier so theres no point starting a fresh main account. Dont make a hardcore btw, even if you think you might as well since theres no difference. You will get attached to the status and it's gonna limit you doing content because you won't wanna die. i have an ironman called dream pop which is still nooby come be a noob with me
  2. Yeah i play osrs occasionally, add mish ingame no one blogs anymore and barely anyone plays that played 7 years ago, this forum is dead unfortunately also i love how you came back to rs and you chose the wrong rs lmao. there's like 5 osrs players for every rs3 player but ye i never come here talk to me ingame or join 07clan fc im in there sometimes
  3. gz on on 200m. and i thought it was fast because just before you were talking about doing it before it got buffed, so it sounded like you hadn't even touched it. were you above or below kc.
  4. ayyyy [bleep] lmao welcome back buddy ima re add u and we gonna gossip like its still 2011.
  5. dks at peak time is no mercy. after i crashed those two, another couple people came in and tried to crash me, i won like 8/9 kills and they left. thats actually one of the main reasons i love dks. the crashing in this game is so much fun. everyone gets mad. I never say anything and i get these glorious screenshots. I wish the player was still there in that one but he left.
  6. was trying to find my blog on frontpage and i thought i had hit second page but i just missed my title. [bleep] dead as [bleep] blog rip idk if anyone even cares anymore
  7. its gonna be the same cus ur gonna quit work and prob drop out of school
  8. just broke my 3 year old minesweeper expert record by like 2 seconds lmfao. a smooth 78.352 seconds for a 3 year invested head rush
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