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Celestial Dragons Drop List

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Hello Slayers,

   Just wanted to see what drops we are getting from the Celestrial Dragons?

   So far the drops I have are:


100% Drops

(1) Dragon Bone



(1) Draconic Visage - Dropped at 1:30 am (EST) on 3/11

(1) Rune Platebody

(8) Noted Steel Platebodies



(15) Astral Runes

(20) Cosmic Runes



(2) Noted Water Talismans

(4) Noted Fire Talismans

(1) Noted Battlestaff

(4) Noted Adamant Bars

(4) Noted Unicorn horns

(4) Noted Dagannoth Hides

(4) Noted Green Dragonhides

(4) Noted Blue Dragonhides

(4) Noted Red Dragonhides

(4) Noted Black Dragonhides

(1) Spin Ticket



(2) Brown Charms

(2) Green Charms

(2) Crimson Charms

(2) Blue Charms


Charms are dropping (2) at a time.

They drop Crimson Charms more than any other charms. 

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Thanks very much for posting this list! I need to confirm some of them but I will add them all shortly and put your name in the credits :)

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dont forget celestials also drop the:


dragon rider body (got a body yesterday while on a task woot me lol), helm, legs, cape and then the new celestial gloves


and as a correction for slayer task xp 976.5 xp per task kill  (gloves only gotten when on task only)


Unreal Tournament player also

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