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  1. thank you but i was asking about here on tipit i prefer it over wiki pages.
  2. I'm not great with my sentence structure but here it is..... i'm just wondering how come there is no info on these? i got a dark soul from a shadow creature slayer task it has a combine, use, destroy, and examine option when right clicked. also when u examine it, all it says is "the soul of a shadow creature." when u click the combine option (which is its left click option) it says in a popup window... "you require a dark mind, body and soul to combine these things into something." but that's all. plz help me out here guys?
  3. Hey guys. Been a while since I've been around on the forums. I got a drop from ice strykewyrms today that isn't on the creature drop list. I got 183 noted dragon bones. I don't know where to post this so maybe someone can help me out here but it's a confirmed drop that I got like hour and a half to 2 hours ago.
  4. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  5. well all i know is, as the lvl chances so does ur xp like a lamp, but even a small agility lamp i would get more then 8k xp at me lvl so idk if its 1/10 of the xp, thats why i asked
  6. Hey tippers, I was wondering why isn't there a silverhawk feathers agility calculator? I feel it would be incredibly helpful to figure out how many u would need ofc minus bxp to get to a certain lvl. anyway we can find a way to do this?
  7. Praying against melee will partially reduce the damage caused by his melee attacks. However, Dreadnaut will periodically use a special attack which deals unblockable damage and briefly disables your protection players. This attack only seems to hit players standing in front of him. ^^^^^ should say prayers
  8. rsn name changes so much i put that as it cuz would change anyways but no the calculator wasn't working for a friend thats y i was asking. He was trying to calculate what to kill and how many for defence 90.
  9. I was at a wal-mart with my mom years ago and there was a subway inside. I only had a $100 and received $129 + the sub, when back into the wal-mart and ate the sub i was paid to eat. I bought much more stuff then i was gonna rofl
  10. Hey tipper's is there something wrong with fighting calculator or high scores from runescape page?
  11. I have gotten 4 d picks on ls (not cs) in 1 hour with 3 people killing u should try that, may help your rate on dropping that d pick for ya.
  12. hey frog, just wanna say there is a lot out that including me thing that people buying bonds with irl cash and selling on ge or toan other is RWT. Should have never been put into game. In saying that i buy bonds from time to time to buy keys/spins cuz i cant buy with irl cash or buy rune coins, but i do understand your & Cloak's sides of the thoughts.
  13. dont forget celestials also drop the: dragon rider body (got a body yesterday while on a task woot me lol), helm, legs, cape and then the new celestial gloves and as a correction for slayer task xp 976.5 xp per task kill (gloves only gotten when on task only)
  14. ahhhh i missed it? dang my best times for this kind of stuff is wed-sat 8pm-1 midnight est
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