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Looking for a clan =)

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My name is Addison,

I'm from the USA East Coast (GMT -5) and would love my fellow clan members to be from around that timezone as well.

I recently just got into Runescape so my skills are all below even 5 xP

New but already paid for subscription!

Because I know I'm going to love Runescape, I'm going to be here for quite awhile!

Things have changed in Runescape and I'm really excited to be here.


I'll be even more excited if I can find myself a friendly clan full of awesome people :3

And an ACTIVE clan at that too :) Any member activity in a clan is fine.. I just don't want it to be dead and only a few people on when I play XD

I love to do things together as a group.

I'd love it if your clan does clan events, meetups and get together, stuff like that.

Any group activity is fun to me, I really love to be around others and make great friends.


I'm a loyal, faithful, honest, and respectful person.

I'm also a friendly person and would love to be around other friendly people as well =)

I don't really like drama though, that puts me down and makes me sad. I'm sensitive to that!


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Clan Chat: Skillers Zone | Homeworld: 99
Skillerz Zone
Website | Forums | Memberlist

Hello @Addis, I would like to invite you to Skillers Zone
We are a brand new Skilling & Social clan which is open for everyone and our goal is to create a family where you can grow as a player and have fun together. We try to host at least a few events a week and have competitions and much more.

I think you would fit in our clan because you like skilling and socializing and not too big clan. We also want to help everyone who needs and we always want others to feel like home.

You can check out our recruitment topic for more information about us if you're interested.

Skillers Zone

True Skilling Excellence

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I'd like to extend and invitation to you for   The Last Souls

The Last Souls
is an all around friendly social clan. We're an active relaxed environment. We strongly encourage citadel participation. We have a Tier 7 citadel. The Last souls is not just a clan, it's a family. As a family we always have each others back and are constantly helping one another. We participate in a series of activities together to increase our clan bonding experience. We interact with all the many different activities Runescape has to offer such as Pvm, Pking, Skilling, Distractions and Diversions, Iron Man, Hard Mode Iron Man, Dungeoneering, quests, etc.

The Last Souls
 provides you with clanmates who are ready to help you in anything that you need help with like PVM, Questing, Dungeoneering or ready to have fun and socialize with you. Because of our vast amount of members we are able to provide a 24/7 chat with fun and friendly people who will easily become your friends. Once you're a part of The Last Souls you will never have to worry about having to find people to pvm/skill/dungeoneering/quest/etc. with because there's always someone in the clan who would love to hang out with you.

QFC: 290-291-831-65266682 This is the QFC for the Runescape forums should you choose to look into us more.

If you have any questions please feel free to guest in the clan chat or to PM me in game my RSN is TLS SkidRow
I hope that you take us into consideration in your search for a clan, happy clan hunting :D


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I would also extend an invitation to you on behalf of Start 0V3R, a community-oriented, friendly, and active clan. We are based off of the East Coast so all of our events will be based off of EST time. We host regular events and have a fully upgraded, tier 7 citadel for your skilling needs. 


We have people of all levels in the clan, and can help with everything from quests to bossing to minigames and everything in between. 


Check out our page on tip.it here.

If you have any questions, pm me or any other staff member:


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