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Beast's Ironman thread. (Trim achieved)

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Hello guys I wanted to start a thread about my ironman. Inspired by itam and oddish. So I'll be posting pictures of different things i achieve on my account.


DISCLAIMER: This post will not be updated. Go to the last page for new posts. (This blog has moved to https://beastkris.tumblr.com/ from 09.02.2018. THere are still 3 and half years of content here tho. Some of the images has been removed due to imagehosts :( But most recent is still alive.)



I was doing my reaper task and I forgot my antifireshield. Facepalm. I laughed tho. Highest to die at the time I believe?



Got some luck yesterday! 




Not one but TWO champion scrolls in under 300 kills from banshees. Crazy? :D Eh?


Right now I'm just working on getting 45 construction and reqs for quest.



Got a bunch of them to do still. 


Stats at the moment of this post. Almost 30+




My lovely flippers that I got while doing mogres for the raw shark for fremmy trails.


Til next time


- Blacksmith





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Did the quests for temple trekking today and did some trekking afterwards. 61 crafting banked, construction outfit picked up and two pieces of lumberjack. Also did a huge push towards my farming.







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Good luck on that. :-)

Little update. Got barrows as my reaper task and got two items on my two first chests!


Other item is dharok platelegs.



Goal now is to finish branches of darkmeyer. So I finished deadliest catch and monkey madness today.















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