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What are ancient pages used for exactly?

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Blaze The Movie Fan
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Alright, so I'm killing mithril dragons for the very first time, and got an ancient page and have no idea what it's for.


I read the RuneScape Wiki page, and all I can read from that is that it's for a quest and the compeltionist cape.

I don't care about that cape since it'd be too much of a chore to aim for it especially since there are many skills I wouldn't train because I hate them.


Anyway, what are these for exactly? Cans someone tell me? Thank you.


And I wanna know if they have any use outside quests and that cape I don't care for.

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They are just fun to collect, nothing more. You are right about it being a completionist requirement, although you are wrong about them being needed for a quest, as they are not used in any quest at all.

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Yeah aside from a Completitionist cape requirement and a bit of find-and-discover lore, if you're into that kind of thing, I don't think they have any use.

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If you find them, just pick them up and copy to your 'log', you never know when your goals might change and you might hate yourself in the future for that.

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If you do decide to go for them, make sure you kill stuff. Don't rummage skeletons because you'll likely get repeat pages from them.


Drops from monsters in the cavern are ALWAYS unique pages.




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