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Pay-to-Play Crafting Guide 1-99.

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This guide applies only to OldSchool RuneScape.





1 - 7 Craft Leather Gloves. | Amount to make: 49 | Requirements: Needle,thread and leather.


7 - 9 Leather Boots. | Amount to make: 18 | Requirements: Needle,thread and leather.


9 - 11 Leather Cowls. | Amount to make: 21 | Requirements: Needle,thread and leather.


11 - 14 Leather Vambraces. | Amount to make: 35 | Requirements: Needle,thread and leather.


14 - 18 Leather Bodies. | Amount to make: 57 | Requirements: Needle,thread and leather.


18 - 28 Leather Chaps. | Amount to make: 271 | Requirements: Needle,thread and leather.


28 - 57 Hard Leather Bodies. | Amount to make: 5,498 | Requirements: Needle,Thread and hard leather.


57 - 66 Green D'hide vambraces | Amount to make Approximately: 4,384 | Requirements: Needle,thread and green dragon leather.


66 - 99 Blue D'hide Vambraces | Amount to make Approximately: 179,117 | Requirements: Needle,thread and blue dragon leather.


(Alternate way from 10 - 99)


Bow String | Amount to make: 868,886 | Requirements: At least 10 Crafting and Flax.



Hope this helps. Info from 2007 Runescape Wikia.

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It's a good start :). However, if I may offer some constructive criticism, have you considered fleshing it out a bit more? Add pictures, ways to get leather, alternative methods for different budgets, etc.? Hopefully there are more viable ways than spinning close to a million flax!
As it stands it just looks like (through no fault of your own, BBCode doesn't support tables here) a less cleanly formatted version of 2007 Wiki's table with a word or two added, but I'm sure you can improve it if you set your mind to it.

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One thing you could add to this would be how much each set costs



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Include jewelry since GE makes it feasible and people bot wallsafes/Dorgeshuun so there is a constant supply of gems

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