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server status?


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haven't played in months, just wondering how safe it is to go chinning at ape atoll this week. are disconnects and ddos attacks still really common right now? what happens to my items right now if I die? standard death rules or do they stick around for an hour, or what?


I just don't wanna be that guy that willingly gets himself into a dangerous situation and then acts shocked when he gets disconnected and loses his stuff :lol:


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The servers are decent at the moment, you shouldn't really fear any dc issues. You get the hour long grave (although your chins will be gone probably) and you will keep all untradables on death [archer(i), greegree, void, salve(ei)].



“I had a feeling we weren’t coming back from this fight when it began.”

“Do you have any regrets?”

“I don’t. It seems surprising, I know, but I wouldn’t change a thing. This is how it was meant to be.”

“Huh, you never really notice how lovely the day is until you realize you’ll never see it again.”



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