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DXPW - most xp possible


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With the double xp weekend coming up, I would like to get as much xp as I can. I don't want to do something ludicrous like demonic thrones, but would like very good Xp for a reasonable amount of gp.


Not fussed about any specific skill so anything other than prayer is fine. Just fast xp :)





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Fastest would be Summoning, but they require a lot of gathering and preparation. The next fastest skills would probably be any of the combat skills, however those would likely be very crowded.

So that really leaves the artisan skills: Crafting, Smithing and Herblore. Also Construction and Fletching are a major contender in highest speed.


For Crafting: Onyx is quite hard to get by, so I skip that here. Dragonstone is the best, then you get either Diamond or Royal D'hide. They are really close.

For Smithing: Rune Platelegs on a Portable Forge with Crystal Hammers. If you have Protean Bars, use them. Otherwise normal Rune Bars would do great.

For Herblore: Quite hard to determine, perhaps some Crystal Flasks makes a lot of exp as well as general Overloads.

For Construction: Best method (w/o getting ludicrous) would be Flotsam Prawnbrokers with Protean Planks if you have them, otherwise Mahogany Planks.

For Fletching: Dragon Darts are the fastest, costs about 26.12 gp/exp outside bxp currently. Next down the line is Broad Arrow heads, costing approximate between 6.47 and 9.67 gp/exp dependant on bought from slayer master (6k/day) or from GE. Another good one is Ascension bolts at a static 6.7 gp/exp currently.


Exp/h of each w/o bxpw:

Crafting: 550k | 430k | 450k respectively

Smithing: 400k~/h

Herblore: Idk

Fletching: 1375k | 675k | 600k respectively


Hopefully this will help you deciding a bit.

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The limit for dragon darts is 10K/4 hours. I don't think there are any Fletching bonuses aside from Sacred clay knives. There is no outfit for it at the moment.

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